Brain surgery deals with disorders in the brain and the structures around it. The procedure is done through an opening in the skull or cranium, medically known as Craniotomy.

Brain surgery is performed for a number of reasons. This may include changes in the blood flow, changes inside the brain tissue or changes in the cerebrospinal fluid.

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Indicure can assist you with several types of Best treatment for Brain tumour Surgery in India at affordable costs including:

•  Craniotomy

•  Brain implant

•  Trans-sphenoid operations

•  Spinal Fusion

•  Anthroplasty

•  Brachial Plexus Injuries/Stereotactic Procedures

•  Deep Brain stimulation for Parkinson's

•  CSF Shunt Procedures

•  Chronic subdural haematoma

•  Burr-Hole aspiration for Abscess

•  Peripheral Nerve Surgery

•  Carpal Tunnel Release

•  Radiofrequency Rhizotomy/ Tic injections

Urgent medical treatment is vital for any brain disease. It is of utmost importance that any disease of the brain should be taken with urgency. Any delay in treating the brain problem can cause damage to brain and its ability to function properly. The reduced or mal functioning of brain cells can lead to long lasting damage to brain or even in death of the patient.

Expected Results from Brain surgeries: Although the outcomes of brain surgery are highly dependent on the age, health, extent of the disease or injury, and the surgical procedures used by the physician, the modern technology has greatly improved the outcomes of neurosurgery, owing to availability of latest functional imaging studies, better and sophisticated operation theatres, highly specialized operating microscopes etc