Dental tourism in India


Dental tourism entails pursuing dental work abroad at attractive medical tourism destinations, away from one's own country. Dental implants abroad is the most common dental treatment for which people travel overseas. The reasons could be cheap dental implants abroad, or non-availability of specialised dental treatment in home country. Most people like to club dental tourism with a fun-filled vacation. More and more people looking for cheap dental implants abroad are opting for dental tourism in India, because of reputation of Indian doctors, affordable cost of dental treatment in India, ease of travel and no language barrier. All this has given a great boost to dental tourism in India.

Dental treatments in USA, UK and other European countries can prove to be very expensive compared to developing countries like India. Dental tourism in India has flourished over the years due to compelling reasons such as:

  • Dental insurance and treatment costs in developed countries such as USA and UK are exorbitant as compared to dental work in India
  • Dollar or pound conversion rates with respect to Indian Rupee gives a distinct cost advantage to India
  • Quality healthcare in accordance with international standards from top hospitals and clinics in India having international accreditations
  • Rigorous infection control systems at par with the western standards
  • Ease of communication with fluency in English of the nursing staff & doctors in India
  • Electronic records of patient history and treatment management
  • Query, consultation and case management co-ordination of the entire trip plan and its execution by medical tourism companies

Your case manager would share the surgeon's opinion as is, his or her detailed profile, details about the dental clinic or dental implant clinic in India where your surgery shall be done, type of implant and other necessary details. You can also choose to speak with the surgeon over phone or have a video consult with the surgeon. We make sure you get the best quality treatment and best possible results for your dental tourism in India.

Dental Implant Clinic in India

There are many dental implant clinics in India. We have our team of specialists who work closely with the dental surgeons and dental implant clinics in India before we give you any recommendation. We advise you a careful mix of best dental surgeons and best dental implant clinics in India according to your unique requirements keeping your budget in mind.

There is absolutely no compromise in the quality. Dental work in India and for that matter, medical treatment in India is much less because of the following reasons:

Low cost of endowment in India - Qualified doctors, surgeons, nursing staff, lower investments costs, subsidies by government to private healthcare sector are more as compared to other countries

An exchange rate regime, which is favourable to India (indicative rates only, may not be currently applicable)

  • 1 USD= 60 Indian rupees
  • 1 GBP= 80 Indian rupees
  • 1 Euro= 66 Indian rupees

The first step is to send us your medical history, X-ray and other medical reports for the surgeon's evaluation. You can send these details to . You would be assigned a case manager who shall get back to you with the surgeon's opinion, cost and other necessary details. He/She will also give you few options to choose from for your dental implant clinic in India. Your case manager shall provide you all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision about choosing the best dental implant clinic in India. For more information, please visit our Step-by-step guide.

We have association with hotels and guest houses where you can choose to stay at discounted rates while you get dental implants in India.

Cosmetic Dentistry encompasses a variety of dental treatment and procedures resulting in beautiful smile that best suits your face. It can include simple procedures such as whitening your teeth, replacing old fillings and capping them to more complex procedures such as closing gaps between your teeth, realign crowded teeth, improve your chipped teeth, make uneven teeth even.

Only you can answer this question. There is no age or gender bar to get the cosmetic dental work done. So, if you are happy and satisfied with your smile, you do not need it. If you want changes or improvements in your smile, you are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Remember that you should have realistic expectations.

The aim of cosmetic dentistry to improve or enhance your present looks. Since every individual is unique, it is neither possible not realistic to aim for such things. You should have realistic expectations from the procedures.

A huge number of westerners travel to India because they do not afford cosmetic dentistry in their own country. It costs only a fraction of money of what you would pay in your country. You can have a look at the prices of various dental procedures in our dentistry section.

Yes, your teeth would look natural. Our dental surgeons are trained to do that. However, dramatic differences (you are missing a tooth, and a cosmetic dentist fixes that) are noticeable.

Most of the patients report that they are often asked questions about the change in their attitude after cosmetic dentistry. Looking more confident, beaming with energy, being more social, smiling more is what most patients do and often end up being asked reasons for it

Ask yourself a few questions and begin searching for the answers. Our experience tells us that you automatically prepare yourself while answering the questions.

  • What are my motivations to undergo the procedure?
  • What is the best procedure for me?
  • Do I have realistic expectations from the results of the surgery? Am I seeking perfection?
  • What is the best time/ age to get the procedure done?

You should know the following things about the surgeon who will operate on you.

  • Surgeon's credentials- his qualification.
  • How many years of experience does he have?
  • What associations or memberships does he hold?
  • How many similar procedures has he performed?
  • Speak with the surgeon to get a better idea about the surgeon

You should also know the following about the procedure you plan to undergo.

  • Am I a good candidate for the procedure?
  • Will the procedure address all my concerns?
  • What are the risks associated with the procedure?
  • How long would the procedure take? What is the recovery time?
  • How long would you need to stay in India in all before you can go back?
  • Where will the procedure be performed?
  • How much pain or discomfort can I expect after the surgery?
  • What precautions do I need to take after the surgery?
  • What is the total cost? Are there any hidden charges?