Kalosa Hair Transplant, Cosmetic & Gynae Clinic

Gurgaon, India
Established In – 1970
Specialties – Multi-Speciality



Kalosa Hair Transplant, Cosmetic and Gynae Clinic is located in the expansive city of Gurgaon and is run by Dr. Ashish Khare and Dr. Deepti Asthana. The clinic offers complete treatments for all types of hair loss and cosmetic surgery by combining a wide range of modern procedures under one roof.

The BTL Emsella Chair, a novel device utilized for pelvic floor restoration and urine incontinence therapy in both males and females, is the first of its type to be used in Delhi-NCR by the hospital. Emsella uses FDA-approved High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to activate pelvic floor muscles and re-establish neuromuscular control. This ground-breaking technology transforms the women’s intimate health and wellness market by offering incontinence sufferers with a solution non invasively.