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Please take a look below at some of the recent testimonials we have received from our patients. We welcome patient feedback to let us know how we can improve – please send us details of your experience.

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Everything has been so transparent. IndiCure has been really helpful and kind to accommodate me in all possible ways. They booked the hotel, helped me with my visa, answered all my questions and helped me when I was in a new country. I would recommend IndiCure to anyone looking to come to India for a specialist treatment.

– Benjamin, Zimbabwe
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From my first contact with Annu to being picked up at the Mumbai Airport, having both knees replaced at Wockhardt Hospital to being dropped off at the Mumbai Airport and everything in between I cannot say enough good things about my Journey.
The best part the Price quoted was the Price paid!

– Dwayne Winn, Canada
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I am absolutely thrilled with my face and I had a tummy tuck too. I couldn’t be more happy. I am going bikini shopping today..after 35 years. I am absolutely thrilled with my face and body. I will recommend IndiCure to anyone looking for plastic surgery in India.

– Laraine Gray, Canada
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I looked around for my plastic surgery in various countries when I stumbled upon IndiCure. They have been very helpful and prompt in communication. The whole process was very smooth. I am very happy with the surgeon, results and everything. IndiCure was very helpful all throughout and the package was great. The surgeon is great and very knowledgeable, and very helpful. Has great bedside manners and answers all your questions.

I definitely recommend IndiCure to anyone looking for plastic surgery abroad. Very helpful, transparent, no surprises!

– Hicham Elkerdoudi, Australia
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I am from Australia and it’s a very long way to India, it’s a long journey! But I think anybody contemplating making that journey will really benefit by having this operation.The nursing staff were very good very very very good… very gracious and kind… and did all they could do to help you. If you want to get better, you have to do something about it. So, get off your backside and contact IndiCure. You will find them very helpful and I’m sure, you will be very pleased with what happens.

– Brian Whittle, Australia
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I contacted a few companies in various countries out of which Indicure turned out to be the best option for me as it was the most affordable and best in terms of quality of services. I was very pleased with the doctors here. All the physical therapists and nurses were really kind. All the measures of Covid19 were taken care of. I would definitely come back to India if I need hip replacement on the other hip, because it provided me with the best quality implant reasonably priced and communication was so smooth with IndiCure.

If it’s not an emergency, I would recommend just hop on a plane and come to India with IndiCure!

– Wayne Holley, USA
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The communication with IndiCure has been so smooth. We had phone calls and emails and they have been so prompt in replying. It’s the 6th day after my surgery and I am already feeling so good. I’m sure things are going to get better and better. I am looking forward to having lots of energy to play with my grandchildren. Thank you IndiCure, this has been life changing!

– Leanne Graham, New Zealand
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I am grateful to God that he made me meet IndiCure, from best surgeons to the best anesthetist. I am so delighted. Can’t thank you enough!

– Hellen, UAE
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It has been an absolutely amazing experience with IndiCure. They walked me through the entire process and were with me to support me at all times. Though it was not an easy surgery but the nursing care, support staff and the surgeon himself, all were very supportive. A big thumbs up to team IndiCure.

– Susan Wilson, UK
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My son had a gastric sleeve in Delhi last September. A year later my son is a different young man. Our reason for traveling from Australia was his age being 14. You saved my son’s life and I will be forever grateful for that, the care and service was immaculate. Yes, it can be a culture shock, in your other country. But it is not any less of what we would have received here.

Thank you.

– Rebecca Valu, Australia
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The fact that after I got myself treated, and referred 2 of my best friends to IndiCure itself speaks volumes about the kind of trust I have in this company and my trust has just grown! Dr Ruchika has been amazing and extremely helpful. Besides taking care of the medical aspect, she made sure we were comfortable and well taken care of. Overall a wonderful experience.

– Daniel Ndzi, UK
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Indicure Health Tours went above and beyond my expectations. They helped me with every aspect of my journey and were professional, kind and caring. I was a little nervous traveling alone to a foreign country but everyone made me feel safe and welcomed. I am amazed and happy to share my pictures right before surgery and 5 weeks after!

– Jade McIvor, Canada
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I am from Chicago and did a lot of research and found a lot of companies for arranging my trip. I chose IndiCure because I found them the best of the lot. I am 72 and came all alone from Chicago to India. I just can’t believe how good the doctor was. I am thankful to IndiCure. If you are thinking of plastic surgery abroad, JUST GO INDICURE..You will be fine!

– Yone Almeida, USA
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I had a great experience of my hip replacement surgery in India. IndiCure has been so patient with me..we have been communicating for the whole one year for my surgery. Initially I was thinking of going to the US, but when I started talking to IndiCure, I realized the price of the surgery was so low and everything looked so promising.

IndiCure has been so prompt in their replies and emails, and everything. The hospital was very good, the surgeon was amazing and I recommend IndiCure to anyone looking for surgery in India.

– Edward Fom, Nigeria
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My cosmetic surgery experience in India has been great. Not only did I get excellent services, I saved a huge amount of money. So a win-win all the way! All thanks to IndiCure, it was a trip well worth it.

– Monica, USA
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Though it was always a dream to get back to my pre-pregnancy body, thinking of an extensive surgery like Mommy makeover scared me as well. Besides, the cost of the surgery in the US was exorbitant and completely out of our budget. When I got to know of IndiCure, it was like I got wings for my dream. Dr Ruchika made end to end arrangements and my surgery went very well. Everybody at the hospital was very kind and helpful. And all well within our budget!!

– Ubah, USA
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It is not easy to travel alone at the age of 62 for a single woman, that too half way around the world, but IndiCure made it possible for me. I must thank them for the arrangements they made and the outcome of the surgery was excellent.

– Mary Draper, USA
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India is definitely a great option for cosmetic surgery- the prices are very affordable, surgeons are skilled and knowledgeable. It is however important that you chose the right people to associate with and we were very lucky that way. IndiCure helped us make all the arrangements and we are pretty satisfied.

– Rosario Johnson, USA
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A huge thanks to IndiCure that I have finally managed to get my weight loss surgery done. Everything they did was just perfect- the case manager, the hospital, surgeon, nursing staff- everyone Just Perfect!

– Kholoud, Australia
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After having this surgery in India, all I can say is I am in love with this country and its people. And this is because of the kindness and graciousness I have experienced. If you have any concerns or any requirements- whether you are at the hospital or hotel, you can contact any of the IndiCure staff and I can very confidently say that they will help you to the best of their capacity.

– Bianca, South Africa
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Lots of thanks to IndiCure for making excellent arrangements for my surgery in India. The entire thing was well planned and executed. They are thorough professionals.

– Chris Pedersen, USA
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I am extremely pleased with the services that I got at IndiCure. Since I am a nurse myself, I had lots and lots of questions and all my questions were answered to my complete satisfaction and that is one of the biggest reasons I chose IndiCure. I was talking to several other companies but none of the others were so thorough and prompt. Besides, cost was definitely an additional benefit- I would not say they were the cheapest but certainly the best in terms of the entire package.
And what they promised exactly matched what they delivered and the results of my surgery- outstanding, so highly recommended.

– Laura Southern, Canada
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I am extremely grateful to IndiCure and our surgeon for saving my husband’s life. The healthcare services we get in our country are extremely limited but all thanks to timely intervention by IndiCure staff and the surgeon, my husband’s life has been saved. Thanks again.

– Mouna Yaseer, Sudan
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I have got several cosmetic surgeries done in the past and I can say quite confidently that India is one of the best. I had been speaking at the same time with a surgeon in Miami and India for my breast procedure and the answers, the explanations and details that I received from my surgeon in India were hands down better than the surgeon in Miami. And the results I got were even better than my expectations.
So I would say that coming to India for your surgery is definitely not a bad decision at all!

– Courtney Castelli, USA