Bharti Eye Hospital

New Delhi, India
Established In – 1985
Specialties – Ophthalmology



Bharti Eye Foundation was founded in the year 1985. Dr. S. Bharti, one of India’s premier ophthalmologists, owns the facility, which is NABH approved. Dr. S. Bharti is the country’s first Lasik eye surgeon, with over 20 years of experience.

The Bharti Eye Foundation offers cutting-edge technology, surgical treatments, and diagnostic services. Femto Cataract Surgery, Phacoemulsification, Retina & Vitreous, Refractive Surgery, Lasik Eye Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Oculoplasty, Glaucoma & Cornea Service are some of the services offered by the clinic.

It also provides contact lens and pediatric ophthalmology services.The centre offers a full range of eye care services all under one roof.