Medical tourism in India

Medical tourism offers superior medical care under the guidance of skilled surgeons, doctors, and support staff, at a competitive cost. This requires the patient to travel to a foreign destination in order to receive such consultancy and undergo treatments. Even though medical tourism is an age old concept dating back to ancient Greece, in India this is a phenomenal multi-million dollar industry now.

Medical Tourism to India has witnessed great rise in the last couple of decades. The trend is still on a rise, witnessing a whopping 30% annual growth. With ballooning costs of medical treatment in developed world, especially United States, more and more Americans are finding the prospect of medical tourism to India appealing. It is estimated that 150,000 Americans travel to India every year for affordable medical treatment.

About India

"One of the oldest human settlements, India is a confluence of important religious belief systems like Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Sikhism. However, India prides itself in giving the message of peace and syncreticism from the harmonious existence of these communities.

Located in southern Asia, India houses the legendary monument of love, the Taj Mahal. However, incredible India does not end with this wonder of the world; centuries of history take you on a mystical journey in the land of colours. From the Portuguese churches in Goa, to the traditional Rajputana carvings in Rajasthan; from the majestic Golden temple in the north, to the pristine Kerala backwaters in the south, every state holds a distinct flavour in its architecture, cuisines, lifestyles, and medicine.

Since her independence from the British rule in 1947, India has come a long way in every sphere. With growth and development across sectors, Indians rank amongst the most successful doctors, engineers, businesspersons, artists, and sports personalities in the world today, being top-ranked achievers in every field. Indian businesses continue to challenge the world in industries such as IT/ ITeS, pharmaceuticals, medical tourism, hospitality, and knowledge services. India takes pride in her educated population that has provided strategic importance to India on the globe.

Healthcare in India

Medical procedures in India are as old as the civilization itself. Long before the British colonized the country, cataract, caesarean section, plastic surgery, and even brain surgery was performed. More than 2600 years ago, Sushruta - the father of Indian surgery used over 125 instruments to perform complex operations.

Today, Indian doctors and specialist surgeons offer all kinds of surgeries from the world over. With growing availability and applicability of medical infrastructure and procedures, India comes across as an exciting confluence of western medicine and expert professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Prominent Indian corporate houses are making their presence felt in this arena by bringing the best in international equipments and technical know-how to the Indian shores and building world class healthcare facilities in India. Several others groups have stepped into this sector leading to a substantial rise in the quality of healthcare services and facilities in India. The super speciality hospitals along with the educated and efficient support staff is where the strength of the Indian medical industry lies. The medical industry is updating itself constantly by becoming extremely dynamic and innovative.

Why India

Over the ages, India has been known to offer excellent hospitality and unforgettable vacations to tourists for the world over. This combined with unmatched Healthcare facilities in India has propelled it as one of the top destination for medical tourism globally.

State-of-the-art technology, skilled practitioners, a rapidly progressing pharmaceutical industry, and the rich cultural heritage make India one of the most leading medical tourism destinations. A testimony to the county's excellence in medicine and hospitality is the millions of tourists that visit India each year for consultations, treatments, and rejuvenation

India has been swiftly moving forward to become the best in the field of medical tourism. The recent developments confirm that, robot-assisted surgery was conducted for the first time in India. The Clinical Research Facility (CRF) for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine has also seen several breakthroughs. Many such advancements are taking place in the field of medicine and medical technology and the Indian doctors, scientists and medical institutions are geared up to embrace the new. To ensure that the high standards are maintained, the National

Accreditation Board for hospitals develops, maintains, reviews, and enforces the standards to be maintained for hospitals, medical care centres. Many hospitals in India are accredited by JCI which is the international arm of JCHAO, the agency that accredits the health care facilities in the United States. A JCI accredited facility stands to be at par with the facilities in the United States.

Several experienced Indian surgeons and doctors trained and having practised in USA, UK, and Europe for many years have chosen India to set up their own specialized hospitals or offer consultation and surgery through other private hospitals in India.

Cardiac surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Dental Care, Cosmetic surgery, Organ transplant are just few of the many medical treatments in India medical tourists opt for. Along with these medical treatments, alternate therapies like Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy etc, provide India a distinct advantage over other medical tourism destinations.

India's Advantage

India enjoys an undisputed advantage in terms of quantity and quality of skilled and techno friendly work force, which other countries can only try to emulate.

According to recent statistics, medical tourism in India is expected to touch $5 billion in 2015. Thanks to the rapid advancements in communication and data sharing technologies, sectors like medicine, IT/ ITeS and BPOs have enjoyed the fruits of outsourcing and off shoring form the western world.

Skilled Human Resource

India's excellent talent pool is regularly fortified with skilled work force from over 100 universities housing more than ten thousand colleges offering professional education. This army of trained candidates allows India to offer the most advanced services at competitive costs across the board.

The government has been providing aids and scholarships, to boost medical education in the country. Several students and aspiring doctors get trained under some of the finest surgeons from USA, UK, and Europe.

With around 9,50,000 expert practitioners, 4,000 hospitals and thousands of wellness centres across the country, India has one of the most abundant skilled manpower and medical infrastructure to be a preferred destination for medical tourism.

Private Healthcare Facilities in India - at par with world's best

Rising domestic demand has promoted the development of excellent medical infrastructure by the private sector in India, thereby introducing newer technologies and services at competitive prices.

In spite of lower overheads, patients can expect facilities and medical care at par with any other country. Thousands of successful treatments and surgeries every year are a testimony to the effectiveness of Indian medical services, all this while costing a fraction of the amount as compared to the west.

Quick Turnaround time

Medical tourism in India is highly recommended due to its major benefit, which is 'no waiting period'. Quick turnaround time is a facet only India can boast of. Some countries have an over-stretched medical system requiring patients to await treatments, sometimes even in case of urgent surgeries and operations.

Timely, safe, effective, and quick medical attention by the top most surgeons and doctors is a feature only the Indian medical services can make available.

No language Barrier

English being the second most spoken language in the country, it is much easier for people from the West to communicate here rather than in a country where the help of interpreters is required. All doctors and support staff at hospitals in India are fluent in English thus making communication easy.

Cost Comparison

The cost of medical treatment in India is a fraction of the cost of treatment in Western countries, which is the main attraction for Indian medical tourism. For instance, the cost of heart bypass surgery in India is US $ 6,000 whereas the same surgery costs $ 80,000 in US and 30,000 pounds at a private hospital in UK.

  Indicative Costs- India (USD) Indicative Costs USA (USD) Indicative Costs UK (GBP) No of days stay required (approx.)
CABG $6,000 $80,000 £30,000 8-10
Angioplasty with 1 Medicated Stent $8,000 $55,000 £20,000 1
Valve Replacement $9,000 $100,000 £35,000 8-10
Knee replacement - Single $6,000 $48,000 £10,000 7-8
Knee replacement - Double $11,000 $90,000 £18,000 12-14
Hip Replacement - Single $7,000 $60,000 £12,000 7-8
Hip Replacement - Double $12,500 $100,000 £25,000 12-14
Hip Resurfacing - One side $7,000 $50,000 £11,000 5-6
Obesity Related Surgery
Laparoscopic Gastric Banding $7,000 $20,000 £19,000 2-3
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass $8,000 $30,000 £13,000 3-4
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy $6,000 $25,000 £25,000 2-3
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
Blepharoplasty (Eyelids) Upper & Lower (Bilateral) $3,000 $8,000 £3,000 1-2
Breast Augmentation (Includes implants) $3,800 $8,000 £4,500 2-3
Breast Reduction $3,100 $7,500 £5,000 2-3
Face lift $3,000 $7,000 £5,000 2-3
Cosmetic Rhinoplasty $3,000 $7,000 £4,000 1-2
Tummy Tuck $4,000 $10,000 £5,000 3-4
Liposuction(one area) $1,750 $7,000 £3,000 1-2
Bone marrow Transplant $40,000 $250,000 £100,000 3-4
Liver Transplant $50,000 $300,000 £135,000 3-4
Kidney Transplant $15,000 $200,000 £90,000 3-4
Root Canal $110/tooth $800 £200/tooth OPD/3-4 sittings
Ceramic Crown(Metal Fused) $120/tooth $850 £600/tooth OPD
Dental Extraction $35/tooth $300 £75/tooth OPD
Veneers $300/tooth $800/tooth £400/tooth OPD
Dental Implant $650/Implant $3,500 £2000/implant OPD 2 stages over 3 months
Teeth Whitening $110 $750 £700 OPD 3-4 sittings
Brain Tumour Surgery $8,000 $30,000 £25,000 3-4 days
Gamma Knife Surgery $7,000 $20,000 £17,000 2-3 days
Complex Spine Surgery with Implants $6,500 $50,000 £30,000 7-8 days
Spinal Decompression
$7,000 $60,000 £25,000 7-8 days