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While we take all efforts to update the content on the website, we cannot guarantee that the content is latest and up to date, does not contain any inaccuracy or typographical errors.

When you send us your medical query, your case manager discusses the same with the treating doctor/ surgeon/hospital and takes all efforts to convey the information “as is” to you. The suggestive line of treatment would be as per the best of Doctor’s judgement with reference to the information sent by you. It is important to note that the actual treatment might differ when the doctor examines you personally. The information sent through e-mail should not be relied upon as the final medical consultation. This mechanism is not designed to replace a physician’s independent judgement about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a given patient.

Whilst IndiCure will use its best endeavors to exercise every reasonable care in the selection of the third parties- including but not limited to surgeons/hospitals/medical institutes/ hotels/spa/ayurveda resort/naturopathy resort/serviced apartment/tour operators etc to whom you are introduced and who may provide the goods and services to you, IndiCure does not control or operate any facility or service provided by the them.

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The surgeons/hospitals/medical institutes/hotels/spa/ayurveda resort/naturopathy resort/serviced apartment/tour operator or any service provider shall be responsible for all treatment/services provided including but not limited to surgical, medical, wellness, beauty accommodation and travel.

IndiCure Cares
Any surgery is a serious proposition. It requires immense amount of deliberation, conversations, and forethought. At IndiCure, we understand the importance of every surgery conducted, and therefore, we treat our guests with utmost care and professionalism.

We are extremely sensitive towards your requirements and all the surgeries are conducted by acknowledged and experienced surgeons. We encourage you to educate yourself about the procedures before any confirmations.

For further information, we request you to submit Enquiry Form with details of your requirements and medical reports wherever applicable. IndiCure assures you that all arrangements for examinations, surgeries, and post-operative recuperation will be ably taken care of.