Spine surgery is one of the most complex and complicated medical procedures performed to manage the wide spectrum of spinal diseases and abnormalities of the spine and spinal cord. Spinal surgery is usually performed for following three purposes:

  • To reduce deformity
  • To stabilize a painful segment
  • To decompress the nerves of spinal cord

The cost of spine surgery is an extremely important factor that you need to consider while deciding for your surgery. If you are not insured or even partially insured for your spinal procedure & need to shell out the money from your pocket, it is next to impossible for a common man to get the procedure in a developed country like the US or UK.

“Spine surgery treatment in India is almost a sixth of the cost of spine surgery in the USA, UK or Europe even with finest quality implants, prosthesis and consumables.

Here’s the list of few most commonly performed spinal surgery procedures in India and their cost:

Procedure Stay at Hospital (Days) Stay in India (Week) Approx Cost ($)
Cervical Spine
Laminectomy 3-4 2 5000-5500
Laminoforaminotomy 4-5 2 6000-7000
Posterior Fusion 7-8 2-3 5000-6000
Anterior Fusion 7-8 2-3 5000-6000
Disc Replacement 5-6 2-3 9500 (With FDA approved implant)
Lumbar Spine
Microdiscectomy 2-3 1-2 4400-5000
Laminectomy 3 1-2 4500-5200
Posterolateral Fusion 7-8 2-3 6000-7000
Disc Replacement 5-6 2-3 9500 (With FDA approved implant)
TLIF (Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion) 5-6 2-3 5000-6500
PLIF (Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) 5-6 2-3 5000-6500
Scoliosis Surgery 6-7 3 9500-11000
Spinal Tumor Removal 8-10 3 5000-6000

The cost quoted above is indicative and should not be taken as the final cost of the surgery. The final cost can be ascertained after the surgeon has evaluated the patient. The cost in Indian Rupees can vary based on exchange rate.

Factors that affect Spine Surgery Cost in India:
  • Spine Surgeon’s Fees

    An important expense when it comes to your spinal surgery is going to be your spine surgeon’s fees. IndiCure recommends only experienced, skilled, board-certified surgeons who are capable of delivering successful surgeries. Although the charges may vary depending on the experience of the surgeon, you can be assured that you will be in safe hands when you choose IndiCure.

  • Type of Spine Surgery

    Depending on one’s medical condition and requirements, men and women of all ages can benefit from different types of spinal surgery procedures. For example, one can opt for minimally invasive spine surgery or robotic spinal surgery to experience minimal muscle damage and less recovery time, which is more expensive than open surgery.

  • Whether or Not an Implant is Needed

    Many times you would need an implant or instrumentation that adds to the cost of the surgery. IndiCure recommends you to explore the surgical options by consulting our expert spine surgeons.

  • Surgical Facility

    Having your spine surgery in an accredited surgical facility by skilled and qualified medical staff is a critical factor. Moreover, the geographical location of this facility also affects the quote. But, IndiCure provides you with a projected estimate that will be affordable.

  • Surgery-Related Expenses

    The surgery-related expenses include the pre- and post-surgical expenses. The pre-surgical expenses are associated with the age and medical condition of the patient and thus the number and type of investigations required. Post-surgical expenses may include prescription medications and follow-up consultations.

We at IndiCure, understand that you travel with a budget in mind and do not like to be greeted by surprises after arrival in India. We thus club all these expenses and give you the package cost that is inclusive and affordable at the same time.

Your case manager shall give you an estimated cost of your surgery after discussing your medical reports with the surgeon. The final cost, however, shall be confirmed after your consultation with the surgeon.

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Best Spine Surgeons in India

Dr. Vikas Gupte
Dr. Vikas Gupte
MBBS, MS, Fellowship
24+ Years of Experience

Dr. Vikas Gupte is a well-known Indian spine surgeon who is one of the best in the country in performing Minimally Invasive and Endoscopic Spine Surgery. He has over 24 years of experience in this sector and has done numerous successful and complex procedures.

Dr Hitesh Garg
Dr. Hitesh Garg
MBBS, MS, Fellowship
14+ Years of Experience

More than 4000 spine surgeries, including 1500 spinal fusions, 250 deformity correction treatments (Scoliosis and Kyphosis), and 150 lumbar and cervical artificial disc replacements have been performed by Dr Hitesh Garg in his 14 years of career.

Dr. Punnet Girdhar
Dr. Puneet Girdhar
13+ Years of Experience

Using turn-of-the-century minimally invasive procedures, specializes in the surgical and non-surgical management of spinal problems affecting the neck and back, Dr. Puneet Girdhar is one of the most renowned spine surgeons in India.

Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India

BLK-Max-Superspecialty-Hospital Delhi
BLK Max Super Speciality Hospital

New Delhi

BL Kapur Memorial Hospital is one of the biggest standalone private hospitals in Delhi, NCR. Established by late Dr. B L Kapur, an eminent Obstetrician, and Gynecologist on invitation by then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru. The institute went on to become one of Delhi’s premier multi-specialty hospitals.

Fortis Hospital


Fortis Hospital, Mulund is a 300 bedded multispeciality tertiary care facility situated in the centre of the city, offering a range of clinical, diagnostic, and surgical services. The hospital began operations in 2002 and since then has achieved various milestones. The hospital is a JCI and NABH accredited facility and among very few hospitals to have NABH accreditation for Blood bank and NABL for Pathology Laboratory.

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Spine Surgery in India

Welcome to India, the land of best hospitals for spine surgery treatment! Having made a significant mark in treating even the most complex spinal disorders, India now boasts of offering spinal surgery treatment at some of its best spine surgery centers. The best hospitals in India, offering treatment for various spinal conditions are not only internationally accredited, but are equipped with latest technology, sophisticated instruments and have world class amenities which are at par with the hospitals in any other developed nation. Owing to the low cost of spinal treatment available at these state of the art hospitals, getting treatment in India for spinal disorders comes as a complete treatment package.

IndiCure is proud to associate with some of the best hospitals for spine surgery in India and top spine surgeons in the world who have many years of experience under their belt to carry out successful spine surgeries.

IndiCure associated hospitals for spine surgery have the latest and most advanced micro-surgical systems and thus have high success rates for spine surgery even for the most complex spinal disorders. Our surgeons are highly experienced and trained in the best medical schools of the world. They bring exceptional talent to give the best outcomes for the patients at an affordable cost. They are considered not only the best spine surgeons in India, but among the top spine surgeons in the world.

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When is Spine Surgery required ?

There can be several reasons for one to seek spine surgery when other interventions like medications and exercises have not been successful.

Normal Function Prevented

Advancing age decreases the proper functioning and mobility of the spine that hinders the body’s normal functioning. This can be improved with spinal surgery.

Failure of Other Treatments
Non-surgical interventions such as physiotherapy, medication and exercises are not always successful in alleviating painful symptoms. Spine surgery can be the solution to such patients.

Quality of Life

The symptoms of spine problems like mobility limitations and pain can be a great disadvantage to the patients and prevent them from living a normal and happy life. Spinal surgery can relieve these symptoms forever in most cases and give a good quality of life.


In cases of severe injury there is least chance of successful treatment with other methods other than spinal surgery.


Spinal deformities like scoliosis and other such deformities unless treated very early with physiotherapy and braces cannot be corrected without spinal surgery at later stages.

Nerve Damage

Spinal problems can lead to nerve damage and permanent disability unless the nerve is decompressed and corrected through surgery to relieve the symptoms.

Progression of Spinal Problems

Spinal conditions such as osteoporosis and nerve symptoms worsen with time unless treated properly. Progression can lead to disability, increased symptoms and complete shut-down of organ systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of spine surgery in India depends upon the type of surgery to be performed, implant being used, surgeon, facility and the city where you choose to get the surgery done. To give you an idea, the cost of spinal decompression and fusion surgery starts from around USD 5000.

There is absolutely no compromise on the quality. Spine surgery cost in India is much less because of the following reasons:
Low cost of endowment in India – Qualified doctors, surgeons, nursing staff, lower investments costs, subsidies by government to private healthcare sector are more as compared to other countries.

An exchange rate regime, which is favorable to India (indicative rates only, may not be currently applicable)

1 USD= 75 Indian rupees
1 GBP= 100 Indian rupees
1 Euro= 85 Indian rupees

The first step is to send us your medical history, X-ray and other medical reports for the surgeon’s evaluation. You can send these details to info@indicure.com . You would be assigned a case manager who shall get back to you with the surgeon’s opinion, cost and other necessary details. For more information, please visit Step-by-step guide.

Your case manager would share the surgeon’s opinion as is, his or her detailed profile, details about the hospital where your surgery shall be done, type of implant and other necessary details. You can also choose to speak with the surgeon over phone or have a video consultation with the surgeon. We make sure you get the best quality treatment and best possible results for your surgery in India. To answer more on Medical Tourism related questions read our FAQs sections.

Yes, almost all spine surgery patients undergo MRI and other advanced investigations before any spinal surgery. Other tests are also performed before any anesthesia is given. This includes:

  • Blood tests to evaluate chemistries, blood count and blood type.
  • Chest X-ray to evaluate lungs and heart size.

You will experience pain and discomfort after the operation which shall be controlled with medications. You shall be at the hospital for 3-7 days, depending on the type and technique of the surgery, so that the acute recovery phase is over and you are comfortable and can be on your own at the time of discharge from the hospital.

There are other non surgical treatment options which include Lumbar and Cervical Facet Injections, Radiofrequency Ablation, Epidural Injections, Sympathetic Blocks and Spinal Cord Stimulators.

Surgery is often considered as the last resort when other options have failed to work or do not provide the kind of relief a patient is looking for.
Besides, there are Ayurveda treatment options which have worked wonderfully well with few. You can discuss the option with your case manager and we shall advise you of the options accordingly.

Whether or not you want to undergo the surgery depends on your goals and priorities. Some people find it very hassling to visit a practitioner for injections every now and then and want pain relief once and for all. Surgery is the best choice for them. While some others feel very intrigued with the idea of undergoing a knife and feel at ease with pain management only.

You can explore different options by consulting our expert surgeons and doctors.

The surgeon would suggest you the most suitable option depending on your age, pain, medical history and the medical condition.

You will not need nursing care after you are discharged from the hospital. A stay of 5-6 days at the hospital would be enough for you to recover and stay at the hotel without the nursing care. However, if your treating doctor feels that you still need medical supervision, he would advise you to extend the stay at the hospital at some extra cost.

Returning to work is an individualistic thing and depends on your profession. Desk or sitting activities can be resumed after about 3-4 weeks of surgery, while physically active jobs should wait for 8-10 weeks.

You need to be very careful in using your body to allow for your spine to heal well. You should not push, pull or lift anything heavy for at least two months after the surgery. Your surgeon and the medical staff shall give you specific instructions about do’s and don’ts after the surgery. The physical therapist will tell you how to strengthen the muscles.

Yes, you can climb stairs but that would be tiring for you. You should avoid climbing the stairs for 6-8 weeks till you have fully recovered.

You should wait for at least 8-10 weeks after the surgery before you start driving again.

The rehabilitation will begin the next day after the surgery at the hospital itself. Your physical therapist will do a number of exercises to regain your strength and range of motion. You should continue to exercise until your muscles are pain-free. It is a good idea to continue your exercises as a lifetime commitment to keep your muscles strong.

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