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Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism can be simply defined as the phenomenon of people travelling outside their country for medical, surgical or dental treatment.

The concept of Medical Tourism is not new. It has been there for ages. The Ancient Greeks were the first to lay the foundation for a comprehensive medical tourism network. In the honour of their God of medicine, Asclepius, the Greeks erected the Asclepia Temples, which became some of the world's first health centers. People from all over the traveled to these temples to seek cures for their ailments.

The phenomenon continued for centuries. Traditionally people travelled from less developed countries to more developed countries for better medical facilities, but the last couple of decades have seen a great shift in the phenomenon. Now, people from developed countries also travel to developing countries in great numbers.

This is mainly because of low cost of treatment in countries like India. Medical tourism in India is now a billion dollar industry and is expected to bring in $8 billion by 2020.

The most important factors that lead to the growth of medical tourism in India are:

  • Affordable cost of treatment in India
  • Highly qualified and skilled doctors
  • World-class healthcare facilities
  • No language barrier
  • India is a great tourist destination
  • Some treatments like fertility may not be legal in home country

Medical Tourism in India- Benefits:

  • Cost Savings
  • Better Quality of Healthcare.
  • Priority treatment
  • Privacy/ Confidentiality
  • Opportunity to discover a new country

Many associations and experts state that the patients and insurance companies save as much as 90% when they opt for medical tourism in India. Most popular procedures for which people travel to India include Dentistry, Cosmetic surgery, Bariatric surgery, Orthopedics, Cochlear Implants and Organ Transplant.

Medical Tourism in India Reviews

Patient's Review

Ms Phumzo is an African born lady living in Australia. She had been suffering from severe pain in her left knee because of Arthritis.

Patient's Review

This gentleman from Nigeria came for both hip replacement surgery in India and is happy that he choose to come to India.

Patient's Review

Where can you get affordable plastic surgery with the best plastic surgeons in the world? To get your answer, listen to this lady from the USA.

Patient's Review

Travelling for plastic surgery abroad is not easy, but her decision to undergo tummy tuck in India was made seamless by IndiCure.

Patient's Review

If some of the best surgeons around the world are from India, why not choose Cosmetic Surgery Medical tourism in India itself?

Patient's Review

"How much does Deep Brain Stimulation cost?", if this is the question in your mind, contact IndiCure, the premier medical tourism company in India.

Top Doctors In India

Prof Dr. Mohammed Rela
Prof Dr. Mohammed Rela

Liver Transplant Surgeon

Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai

Dr. Ramen Goel
Dr. Ramen Goel

Bariatric Surgeon

Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai

Dr. Ashok Seth
Dr. Ashok Seth

Cardiac Surgeon

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Delhi

Dr. Sandeep Vaishya
Dr. Sandeep Vaishya


FMRI, Gurgaon

Dr. Sandeep Attawar
Dr. Sandeep Attawar

Cardiac Surgeon

Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai

Dr. IPS Oberoi
Dr. IPS Oberoi

Orthopedic Surgeon

Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

Best Hospitals In India


NABH, NABL Accredited
Counted among the best hospitals in India and world
Excellent location, 15 km from airport

Artemis Health Institute

JCI, NABH, NABL Accredited
Best institute for Medical Value Year 2010
Excellent location, 19.6 km from airport

Global Health City

World class infrastructure
Enviable reputation in the field of medical excellence
17 km from Chennai International Airport

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Patient's Story

Life was really not easy for me. Not that I blame anybody else for the same, but it was partly my genes, and partly my eating habits. My biggest problem was my severe Obesity.

Patient's Story

My first delivery was a normal one & second a C-section. I had never thought I would gain so much weight, after Samantha, my second was born. I had become totally frumpy, My tummy was bulging like anything & my boobs completely sagging. I was so depressed.

Patient's Story

I was well aware that Indian doctors are considered one of the most competent doctors in the world & the prices also are quite affordable here. I immediately contacted some companies in India & IndiCure was the first to send a reply. I believe first impression is always the last impression.

Patient's Story

It was a big shock for me when I discovered that my back pain & difficulty in walking was due to a tumour in my spine. I & my whole family were completely devastated. It felt as if the whole world was coming to end.

Patient's Story

My advice to everybody looking for surgery in India is to go with an open mind, accept the cultural difference & look for the best surgeon & best company, which I both got with IndiCure. I have referred IndiCure to several of my friends & they also plan to go to India for their surgery.

Patient's Story

I started to think about having a Tummy tuck done when my stomach was distended after having three children. I started to look around on the internet looking for a reputable service provider who ensures that I get proper service.

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