IVF with Donor Eggs Cost in India is highly variable like anywhere else in the world. The cost varies depending on the donor’s profile, her age, whether you choose fresh or frozen eggs. Because the cost of hiring the donor, medical and psychological evaluations, drugs, and the egg donors’ fee varies, the prices are variable.

The cost also depends on the treating doctor’s experience and expertise, the IVF clinic, accreditation, capabilities and the city where the clinic is located.

We at IndiCure, understand that you travel with a budget in mind and do not like to be greeted by surprises after arrival in India. We thus club all these expenses and give you the package cost that is inclusive and affordable at the same time.

Your case manager shall give you an estimated cost of your surgery after discussing your medical reports with the surgeon. The final cost, however, shall be confirmed after your consultation with the surgeon.

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Best IVF Doctors in India

Dr. Sulbha Arora
MBBS, DNB, MD (Obs & Gynecology)

Dr. Sulbha Arora works at Nova IVF Fertility in Andheri, Mumbai, as a fertility and IVF specialist. Over the last 16 years, she has played a vital role in the establishment and operation of various IVF clinics in Mumbai. Poor responders, PCOS, fertility preservation, and third-party reproduction are some of her special interests.

Dr. Bindu KS

Dr. Bindhu K S is a gynecologist and obstetrician at Apollo Hospitals CBD Belapur in Mumbai. In her area, she has 21 years of experience. Calicut Medical College in Kerala provided her with her MBBS, MD (Obstetrics & Genecology), and DGO degrees (in 1996, 2001, and 2000 respectively).

Dr. Nutan Agarwal

Dr. Nutan Agarwal is a gynecologist and obstetrician with more than 37 years of expertise. Recurrent pregnancy losses, PCOS, irregular uterine bleeding, menopause, ovarian tumors, laparoscopic procedures, infertility, IVF, and vaginal plastic surgeries are among her specialties.

Best IVF Centers in India

Nova Fertility Centre - mumbai
Nova IVF


Nova IVF Fertility (NIF) is a fertility clinic that offers the most modern & cutting-edge fertility treatments. Over the last eight years, they have grown to over 40 centers, achieving over 40,000 pregnancies. NIF offers three fertility clinics in Mumbai, one in Andheri, the other in Chembur, and the third in Vashi.

ART Fertility Clinics
ART Fertility Clinics


ART Fertility Clinics, Gurgaon, has already established itself as a premier single-specialty facility for assisted reproductive technology since its inception in 2021. The hospital is operated by ESHRE-certified fertility doctors and adheres to WHO guidelines.

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What is IVF with Donor Eggs ?

You may need IVF with donor eggs if you have early ovarian failure, certain genetic disorders, or a low ovarian reserve owing to age or other reasons. Because the quality of eggs drops dramatically with age and is the main reason for women not being able to conceive in older age, donor egg IVF is usually advised to women who want to undergo IVF after the age of 40.

Repeated miscarriages, past IVF failures, genetics, cancer, and other factors are few of the other reasons why women need IVF with donor eggs.
You must first determine if donor egg IVF is the best treatment for you because, in addition to the expenses of IVF, you will also have to pay for donor recruiting or for the batch of frozen eggs.

Am I a good Candidate?

If you’ve tried and failed to conceive with your own eggs, or if you’ve had a miscarriage after a successful pregnancy, it’s possible that the quality of your eggs is causing embryo arrest, in which case IVF with donor eggs may be recommended.

IVF with donor eggs is also recommended in the following situations:

  • Early menopause
  • Females of older age
  • Premature Ovarian failure
  • Genetic defects
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Cancer survivor
  • Multiple IVF failures

Who will be the egg donor?

Your donor could be a member of your family or a close friend who is willing to undergo the operation and donate her eggs on your behalf.

Your egg donor can be known or remain anonymous. India has its own norms and legislation regarding egg donation, and your treatment will be governed by those laws. Our associate IVF clinics in India work with egg banks, clinics, and agents to give you with the greatest egg donor alternatives.

An egg donor must meet certain criteria to be approved into the programme, irrespective of who she is or where she comes from:

In most cases, a prospective donor should:

  • Be between the 21 and 32 and not have any reproductive issues.
  • Maintain a consistent menstrual cycle.
  • She should ideally have her own children and be physically and emotionally stable, not abusing alcohol, drugs, or smoking.
  • Be willing to have a medical examination performed.
  • Be willing to take medication that must be injected.

Egg donors are typically checked for medical and psychological issues and are willing to contribute their eggs in exchange for a fee. Some egg banks have stringent selection standards that include the donor’s family history as well as genetic testing.

Your treatment is protected by legal contracts, whether the donor is known to you or not.

How is IVF with Donor Eggs done?

  • Donor selection and screening
  • Donor matching
  • Ovarian stimulation
  • Endometrial preparation of the intending mother
  • Ovulation trigger and egg retrieval from the donor

Step 1

The egg donors are evaluated for physical and psychological health and their agreement is obtained based on the selection criteria. Your blood group and physical profile will be matched to the donor’s, and if it’s a favorable match, you’ll be given her basic profile. You may be able to see the donor’s image or meet her.

Step 2

To maximize the chances of collecting a large number of eggs, the normal cycle is suppressed and then the ovaries are stimulated with daily injections. Simultaneously, estrogen and progesterone injections will be given near the ET date to prepare your endometrium for pregnancy.

Step 3

An HCG injection is used to promote ovulation, and egg harvesting is done two days later, only after the doctor is happy with the entire development of the eggs using ultrasound imaging. Normal IVF procedure follows

What Results Can I Expect from IVF with Donor Eggs?

According to figures from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology for the year 2015, donor egg IVF with fresh embryos had the greatest success rate of 50.4 percent.

Donor egg IVF has a success rate of up to 70% in some clinics. Given that egg quality is one of the leading causes of IVF failure, donated eggs will almost surely result in a greater success rate, but you must also be checked for your capacity to carry the pregnancy to term.

The odds of IVF success increase dramatically if both gametes (eggs and sperms) are of good quality and you are physically and emotionally ready to carry the pregnancy.

Questions to Ask

We at IndiCure completely understand your concerns and it is always our endeavor to provide the best outcome for every patient. Following is the list of questions you must ask before you embark on your journey for IVF with Donor Eggs in India.

  • How experienced is the doctor?
  • Which language does the surgeon speak?
  • Is the treatment done in a well-equipped facility?
  • Is this the right time for IVF with donor eggs?
  • Am I a good candidate?
  • What about the risks involved?

Preparation for the Surgery

Prepare to answer questions about your:

  • Reproductive history and exams
  • Current medication review

Patient Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Although IVF using patients’ own eggs has a far greater success rate than IVF with donor eggs, it is not guaranteed that you will get pregnant with donor eggs.
Each stage of the process has its own success rates: an 80 percent likelihood of a fertilized donor egg creating properly growing embryos, a 75-85 percent chance of those embryos implanting well in a uterus, and a 55-65 percent chance of clinical pregnancy.

Many of the same treatments are used in donor egg IVF as they are in IVF with a female partner’s own eggs. Fertility medicines are used to stimulate the ovaries of the egg donor, causing them to produce a large number of mature eggs, which are then retrieved. The eggs are subsequently fertilized in a lab with the sperm of the male spouse.

Yes, another lady is related to your child biologically, but she is the egg donor. She isn’t the mother at all. Donors do not consider themselves to be the moms of any children conceived as a result of their donation.

Because male-factor infertility can almost always be treated with intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI, a couple’s success with fertility treatments is mostly dependent on the female partner’s fertility. Donor egg cycles are thus expected to fail for the same reasons that other IVF cycles do: either the quality of the eggs/embryos is subpar, or the implantation process is not functioning properly. The reason for this could be related to the egg/embryo, the uterus, and/or the maternal immune system.

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