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Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost In India


  • Surgery under GA
  • Stay at the Hospital
  • Pre-operative Investigations
  • Medicines and Consumables at the hospital
  • Food at the hospital
  • Airport transfers
  • IndiCure assistance

Does Not Include

  • Accommodation outside the hospital
  • Air tickets
  • Visa

Stay Required

  • Stay at the Hospital - 3 to 4 days
  • Stay in India - 10 to 12 days
The cost quoted above is indicative and should not be taken as the final cost of the surgery. The final cost can be ascertained after the surgeon has evaluated the patient. The cost in Indian Rupees can vary based on exchange rate.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in India starts from US $5,500 and varies depending on your medical history, comorbidities-if any, surgeon, facility and the city where you choose to get the surgery done.

Factors that affect Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in India

We at IndiCure, understand that you travel with a budget in mind and do not like to be greeted by surprises after arrival in India. We thus club all these expenses and give you the package cost that is inclusive and affordable at the same time.

Your case manager shall give you an estimated cost of your surgery after discussing your medical reports with the surgeon. The final cost, however, shall be confirmed after your consultation with the surgeon.

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Never seen a Better Hospital Even in Australia
4 Only Difference between undergoing Bariatric Surgery in India and Australia is the COST
Of Thailand Mexico Czech republic and others I chose India _ IndiCure
I am so grateful to IndiCure

Best Bariatric Surgeons in India

Dr. Ramen Goel
Dr. Raman Goel


27+ Years of Experience

Dr. Ramen Goel, a highly qualified gastro-intestinal surgeon with more than 25 years of experience, is one of India's bariatric surgery pioneers. He has committed the past 20 years to performing a wide range of procedures using modern laparoscopic techniques. He is a member of the Surgical Review Corporation's International Review Committee, which awards Centers of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery.

Dr. Sanjay Borude
Dr. Sanjay Borude


30+ Years of Experience

Dr. Sanjay Borude is a highly renowned bariatric surgeon with more than 26 years of experience in the field. He has the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS for BARIATRIC SURGERY ON 11 MONTHS OLD BABY. Performed ASIA's first Google Eye' Bariatric Surgery with Google team. He is a pioneering surgeon in the field of obesity surgery in India.

Dr. H V Shivaram
Dr. H. V. Shivram


27+ Years of Experience

Dr. Shivaram H V is one of the country's most renowned GI and bariatric surgeons, with a long list of groundbreaking studies and publications to his name. A huge number of national and international patients have benefited from his expertise in laparoscopic surgery, pancreatic surgery, gastro-intestinal surgery, and bariatric/metabolic surgery.

Best Bariatric Surgery Hospitals in India

Wockhardt Hospitals
Wockhardt Hospital


Wockhardt Hospitals is the branch of the leading Wockhardt pharmaceutical company in India. The company is more than four decades old and is present in more than 20 countries around the globe. Wockhardt has 9 hospitals in India in Mumbai, Nagpur, Rajkot, Nashik, and Surat. Wockhardt hospitals have entered into a strategic alliance with Partners Medical International, USA, whereby the group has access to Harvard's expertise in clinical and surgical fields.

Fortis La Femme New Delhi
Fortis La Femme Hospital


Fortis La Femme, founded in 2004, is a multi-specialty hospital that provides care for all periods of a woman's life, including birth, motherhood, menopause, and beyond. The hospital was named the winner of the ‘Most Popular Maternity Hospitals' category in Child magazine's Most Popular Awards 2013. More than 11,000 deliveries and 7,500 gynecological operations have been performed.

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What is Mini Gastric Bypass ?

Mini gastric bypass, also called One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass, is surgery for morbidly obese. The procedure gives excellent results and the major benefit is that it is less invasive than a classic gastric bypass.

The procedure entails sectioning the stomach in the form of a narrow tube, which is attached to the small intestine, approximately 6 feet from the initial point of the small intestine.

The procedure works in three different ways and these mechanisms of action are:

  • Restricting the capacity of the stomach, i.e the amount of food intake
  • Malabsorption since a large part of the initial small intestine is bypassed, decreasing calorie absorption.
  • Hormonal levels of ghrelin or hunger hormone are reduced thereby reducing the appetite.
Advantages of Mini Gastric Bypass surgery
  • It is a reversible procedure
  • Recovery time is less than standard gastric bypass surgery
  • Better Relief from symptoms associated with obesity after the weight sheds off
  • Lower risk of post-surgery complications.
  • Lower risk of infection because of minimal incisions required
  • Rapid healing of incisions so the patient can resume regular activities shortly after the procedure

Surgery Information

Procedure Time3-4 Hours
Anesthesia TypeGeneral Anesthesia
Hospitalization3-4 Days
Stitch Removal7 Days
Recovery Time7-10 Days

Am I a Good Candidate?

The main criteria for undergoing Mini gastric bypass surgery is that you should have a BMI of 40 and above, or 35 and above with the presence of other comorbidities like diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain, etc. You should have tried a diet and exercise program in the past and failed to have achieved weight loss, there should be no history of other weight-loss surgeries and alcohol abuse and if you are between 18 to 55 years of age, you can undergo mini gastric bypass surgery.

How is Mini Gastric Bypass done?

Step 1

The procedure is performed laparoscopically under general anesthesia. Access is created to the abdominal cavity with small incisions of approximately 1 inch for instrument insertion. The liver is retracted for the procedure. The stomach anatomy is then divided into two portions.

Step 2

The surgeon makes a narrow stomach tube that is connected to the distal end of the small intestine at a distance of 6 feet. The central segment of the intestine is then connected to the opening in the stomach pouch which is known as the "omega loop". This way, food can bypass the lower stomach, duodenum, and a piece of the small intestine thanks to the loop.

What is the Recovery after Mini Gastric Bypass like?

Recovery is quick with laparoscopic procedures. You will need to stay for 2-3 nights at the hospital and another week to ten days in town for recovery after your mini gastric bypass surgery in India. Follow-up visits are done to make sure you have an uncomplicated recovery. After surgery proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes have to be made to achieve the desired weight loss and to sustain the results.

What Results Can I Expect from Mini Gastric Bypass?

Mini Gastric Bypass is one of the most promising Bariatric surgery procedures.

According to several studies done in the past, short term weight loss after a Mini Gastric Bypass is approximately 70 - 80% of the excess body weight. In most of these cases, at least 60 % of weight loss is sustained over the long term.

Questions to Ask

We at IndiCure completely understand your concerns and it is always our endeavor to provide the best outcome for every patient. Following is the list of questions you must ask before you embark on your journey for Mini Gastric Bypass in India.

  • Is the bariatric surgeon board certified?
  • How experienced is the Surgeon?
  • Which language does the surgeon speak?
  • Is the treatment done in a well-equipped facility?
  • Is it possible to see before and after photographs
  • What about the risks involved?
  • Does the surgeon use a certified anesthetist?
  • How long will the recovery period be?
  • Can I go for a second opinion?
  • Can I have feedback from real people?

Preparation for the Surgery

Prepare to answer questions about your:

  • Medical history and exams
  • Previous surgeries
  • Current medication review
  • History of smoking, drugs, or alcohol
  • Surgical expectations
Single Incision bariatric surgery cost in India

Patient Testimonials

  • Thank you so much Indicure and Dr. Ruchika, for the support and care received while on our journey of weight loss through bariatric surgery. We feel so blessed to have met a caring team. IndiCure has changed our lives forever. The planning from the beginning to the end was of high quality and all questions asked were explained as well as the procedure.

    My Fondest memories always of India will always hold a special part of my heart.

    Kim Pepi Richard

  • My son had a gastric sleeve in Delhi last September 2017. A year later my son is a different young man. Our reason for traveling from Australia was his age is 14. You saved my son's life and I will be forever grateful for that, the care and service were immaculate. yes, it can be a culture shock, in another country. But it, not any less of what we would have received here.

    Thank you.

    Bec Morgan

  • Dr. Ruchika in India delivered efficient and professional service from the outset, matching up my weight and health concerns with the most amazing surgeon at the Apollo Spectra hospital in New Delhi, who made good all the promises that had been made, and MORE. All arrangements were executed seamlessly. Very glad I found them and will certainly be using them again, should the need arise.

    Ruth McHelm

  • One thing that stood out for me, as long as the hospital and the service in the US were compared to the hospital here, it's better here. And working with IndiCure was that the service was amazing!"

    Lili George

Frequently Asked Questions

Statistics have suggested that mini-gastric bypass is quite an effective procedure. The short-term weight loss after an MGB is approximately 70 - 80% of the excess body weight. In most of these cases, at least 60 % or even more of weight loss is sustained over the long term. The maintenance of weight also greatly depends on patient compliance and other factors.

A mini bypass functions in a manner similar to a complete gastric bypass however the major difference between the two is that the mini bypass involves less intestinal rerouting and a shorter overall surgery time. Also, mini gastric bypass involves only a single anastomosis whereas full gastric bypass has 2 anastomoses.

Both Mini Gastric Bypass and sleeve gastrectomy are effective procedures, however, they have slightly different indications. The Gastric Sleeve procedure is much less invasive than the complete Gastric Bypass and Mini Bypass procedures. If the patient has to lose 100 pounds or less, gastric sleeve surgery is the best option, but if they need to drop between 100 and 150 pounds, the Mini Gastric Bypass is a better preferable surgical alternative.

The essential qualifier for undergoing Mini gastric bypass surgery is that you have a BMI of 40 or above; or 35 or higher with concomitant comorbidities such as diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain, and so on.

Though you can enjoy most of the food items after mini bypass with portion control, it is however advisable that you adopt an active and healthy lifestyle and make some dietary changes preferring healthier food items. It is best to avoid/ limit the intake of carbonated drinks, sugary and high fat foods, alcohol and tough meats.

Though Mini Gastric Bypass is still a newer procedure as compared to Roux-en-Y and gastric sleeve, recent studies and statistics have shown that the procedure is equally effective, if not more than the other weight loss surgeries in terms of weight loss and Diabetes remission.

Studies have established that there is similar weight reduction and health improvement after Mini Gastric bypass surgery as compared to the more routinely performed Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass surgery, with the added advantage of decreased risk of complications and fewer and milder side effects. Mini Gastric bypass is also reversible, unlike gastric bypass, and it is definitely less expensive.

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