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Heart Transplant Cost In India


  • Surgery
  • Stay at the Hospital
  • Pre-operative Investigations
  • Medicines and Consumables at the hospital
  • Food at the hospital
  • Airport transfers
  • IndiCure assistance

Does Not Include

  • Accommodation outside the hospital
  • Air tickets
  • Visa

Stay Required

  • Stay at the Hospital - 2 to 3 weeks 
  • Stay in India - Varies depending on waiting time for the heart
The cost quoted above is indicative and should not be taken as the final cost of the surgery. The final cost can be ascertained after the surgeon has evaluated the patient. The cost in Indian Rupees can vary based on exchange rate.

Heart Transplant cost in India starts from US $45,000 and varies depending on the surgeon, hospital and the city where you choose to get the surgery done.

Factors that affect Heart Transplant cost in India

We at IndiCure, understand that you travel with a budget in mind and do not like to be greeted by surprises after arrival in India. We thus club all these expenses and give you the package cost that is inclusive and affordable at the same time.

Your case manager shall give you an estimated cost of your surgery after discussing your medical reports with the surgeon. The final cost, however, shall be confirmed after your consultation with the surgeon.

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See How it Works

See How It Works

What is Heart Transplant?

Heart transplant is a complex and major surgical procedure. With advanced innovations in surgical technologies, heart transplant in India is safe and yields great outcomes. The success rate of heart transplant in India is as good as the best in the world. The survival rate after 1 year of heart transplant is 85-90%, and according to a new study, living for 15 to 20 years following a heart transplant is becoming the norm, not the exception.

As the latest techniques of heart transplant are advancing, many people from around the world come for heart transplantation in India. Owing to the low cost of heart transplant in India, highly skilled & experienced surgeons and state of art hospital facilities, India has emerged as one of the most favorable destinations for organ transplants in the world.

With end to end services for your hassle-free organ transplant in India with IndiCure, medical tourism in India has been made quite easy besides being affordable.

A heart transplant, also known as a cardiac transplant, is a surgical operation used to treat patients with end-stage heart failure or severe coronary artery disease who have failed to respond to other medical or surgical treatments. The operation entails replacing out the patient's damaged heart for the healthy heart of another patient who has been certified brain dead.

When other treatment options for heart conditions have failed, resulting in heart failure, heart transplant is performed. Adults can get heart failure as a result of:

  • A weakening of the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart valve disease
  • Certain Congenital heart defects
  • Dangerous recurring abnormal heart rhythms (ventricular arrhythmias) not controlled by other treatments
  • Failure of a previous heart transplant

Cardiac failure in children is most commonly caused by a congenital heart abnormality or cardiomyopathy.

In persons with specific illnesses, another organ transplant may be performed at the same time as a heart transplant (multiorgan transplant).

Multiorgan transplants include:

  • Heart-kidney transplant. Patients with kidney failure in addition to heart failure are candidates for Heart-kidney transplant.
  • Heart-liver transplant. This procedure may be an option for people with certain liver and heart conditions.
  • Heart-lung transplant. Doctors may recommend this treatment in rare cases for persons with serious lung and heart problems who cannot be managed with a heart transplant or a lung transplant alone.

When is Heart Transplant required?

Heart transplant candidates are those who've experienced heart disease or heart failure due to a variety of causes, including:

  • a congenital defect
  • coronary artery disease
  • a valve dysfunction or disease
  • a weakened heart muscle, or cardiomyopathy

You might not be a good candidate for a heart transplant if you:

  • Are of a certain age that would make it difficult for you to recover from transplant surgery
  • Have another medical condition that, independent of obtaining a donor heart, could shorten your life, such as major kidney, liver, or lung disease
  • Have an infection that is still active
  • Recent medical history of cancer
  • Are reluctant or unable to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments, such as not drinking alcohol or smoking, to keep your donor heart healthy

How is Heart Transplant done?


Once a patient has been identified as a candidate for a heart transplant, they are subjected to a battery of tests to determine their physical health and ability to undergo a major surgical procedure.

The tests include blood testing and matching to check the compatibility. Various other tests and investigations include EKG, Echo, Chest X-ray, pulmonary function tests, physical assessment by a physician and psychological tests. In addition to the medical tests, the doctors consider the patient's family support, financial circumstances, psychological composition, and any other medical issues.

If the patient is judged to be a suitable candidate for the heart transplant after the tests and interviews, his or her name is added to the regional and national organ recipient lists.

The Heart Allocation Score determines an individual's position on the list based on a complex computation that attempts to forecast two things:

  • How long is it likely that a patient will live without a heart transplant?
  • When a patient receives a heart transplant, how long can they expect to live?

When organ donors' heart's become available, people with better scores are given priority.

For foreigners coming to India for a lung transplant, it may take a few weeks to several months before you can find a donor for your heart transplant in India.

The surgery for a heart transplant takes about four hours. You'll be connected directly to a heart-lung machine for the duration of your surgery to keep blood flowing throughout your body.

Step 1

Your heart will be removed, but the pulmonary vein holes and the rear wall of the left atrium will be left intact. They'll do this in order to get you ready for a new heart.

Step 2

You'll be taken off the heart-lung machine once your doctor sutures the donor heart into place and it starts beating.The new heart will usually begin to beat as soon as blood supply is restored. An electric shock may sometimes be required to induce a heartbeat.

What is the Recovery after Heart Transplant like?

It could take several weeks for you to feel well enough to resume your normal daily routine. To ensure that the transplanted heart survives in your body, you will need to take anti-rejection medications for the rest of your life.

After a heart transplant, recovery is a long and difficult process aimed at gradually improving the patient's health and fitness. Resuming normal daily activities could take up to six months.

What Results Can I Expect from Heart Transplant ?

People who would otherwise die benefit from heart transplants. After two years, around 80% of heart transplant recipients are still alive. After a heart transplant, 70% of patients will still be alive after 5 years.

Rejection is the biggest issue, as it is with all transplants. If rejection can be managed, survival can be extended to more than ten years.

Questions to Ask

We at IndiCure completely understand your concerns and it is always our endeavor to provide the best outcome for every patient. Following is the list of questions you must ask before you embark on your journey for Heart Transplant in India.

  • Is it time for a Heart transplant?
  • Is the surgeon board certified?
  • How experienced is the Surgeon?
  • Which language does the surgeon speak?
  • Is the treatment done in a well-equipped facility?
  • Can you give me any information on outcomes and complication rates?
  • How much pain can I expect, and how will it be managed in the hospital and after I go home?
  • What about the risks involved?
  • Does the surgeon use a certified anesthetist?
  • How long will the recovery period be?

Preparation for the Surgery

Prepare to answer questions about your:

  • Medical history and exams
  • Previous surgeries
  • Current medication review
  • History of smoking, drugs, or alcohol
Questionaire background e

Best Heart Transplant Surgeons in India

Dr.Anvay Mulay
Dr. Anvay Mulay

Cardiac Surgeon


26+ Years

Currently associated with the Department of Heart Transplant as a Consultant and Head Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Anvay Mulay is one of the most prominent and well-known cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons in India.

He has done more than 4000 successful beating heart bypass procedures and is a pioneer in adult cardiac surgery, particularly in the field of coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG). He has the largest series of beating heart coronary bypass surgeries to his credit.

Aortic Root Replacements, Total Arterial Revascularization, Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Mitral, Aortic, and Tricuspid Valve Repair, Aortic Aneurysm / Aortic Dissections, and Surgery for Heart Failure are the areas of his expertise.

Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia
Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia

Cardiac Surgeon

MBBS, MS, MCh, Fellowships

27+ Years

Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia is regarded as one of India's most prestigious cardiothoracic surgeons. He has over 28 years of expertise and has conducted over 5000 cardiovascular surgeries. Dr. Kapadia has performed over 10,000 CABG surgeries and 5000 additional open heart procedures, 500 minimally invasive cardiac treatments, 190 heart and lung transplants, and 150 ECMO and VAD implantations.

Dr. Kapadia earned his MBBS and MS degrees from the prestigious MGM Medical College in Indore. He then completed his Mch (Cardiovascular Surgery) at Vellore's reputed Christian Medical College. Dr. Kapadia has completed Fellowships in Coronary Bypass Surgery & Heart Transplant, Valve Surgery, Heart Transplant, and Adult Cardiac Surgery and Heart Transplant in France and the United States, respectively.

Dr. Kapadia has received the coveted Mayor choix de Chirurgien award from the Mayor of Paris, as well as a special recognition from the Mayor of Philadelphia.Many innovative techniques and hybrid cardiac procedures have been developed by him, as well as adjusted immunosuppression protocols to suit Indian heart and lung transplant candidates.

Dr Sandeep Attawar
Dr. Sandeep Attawar

Cardiac Surgeon

MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Cardiothoracic Surgery)

22+ Years

Dr. Sandeep Attawar is a known expert in the field of heart and lung transplantation and is one of India's leading cardiothoracic surgeons. He has performed over 10,000 open and closed heart procedures, over 300 adult heart and lung transplants, and over two dozen LVAD implants over his career. As of August 2021, he had conducted over 26 double-lung transplants during COVID, one of the greatest amounts in the world.

From infants to octogenarians, he has done a wide range of difficult cardiac surgeries on patients of all ages. Those under his care have a high degree of satisfaction, which is commensurate with his outstanding outcomes.

Dr. Attawar is also a member of the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (ISMICS), the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT), the Minimally Invasive Robotic Association (MIRA), the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), and the European Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS). He has had work published in prestigious journals such as the Annals of Thoracic Surgery (ATS) and is a member of the Journal of Thoracic Surgery's editorial board. He is also a member of the ISHLT I2C2 committee's worldwide faculty, which oversees policies on mechanically assisted circulatory therapy. He is interested in furthering the field of mechanically aided circulation employing Left Ventricular Assist Devices as a proctor for HM3, Jarvik 2000, and ReliantHeart (LVADs).

Best Heart Hospitals in India

Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Fortis Memorial Research Institute


Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), the flagship hospital of Fortis Healthcare, is a multi-specialty, quaternary care hospital and is counted among the best hospitals in India and the world. The hospital is considered as "Mecca of Healthcare" and a referral hospital, not only in the entire Asia Pacific but much beyond.
The hospital boasts of an enviable International faculty- the clinicians considered to be among the best doctors in the world and even specialty nurses offer nothing but the best in clinical care. The hospital has the most modern, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology in the hands of the most technically sound technicians, who offer clinical excellence beyond comparison.

Medanta Medicity
Medanta Medicity


The Medicity is one of India's largest multi super-specialty institutes located in Gurgaon, National Capital Region (NCR-DELHI). Founded by one of the most renowned cardiac surgeons in India, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Medanta was established with the aim to provide the highest standards of medical care to patients backed by clinical research.
Spread across 43 acres, the institute includes a research center, medical and nursing school. It has 1250 beds and over 350 critical care beds with 37 operation theatres catering to over 20 specialties. Backed by the latest and most advanced technology, the institute is counted among the best medical institution in the world and attracts lots of patients from across the globe.

Patient Testimonials

  • My dad was advised cardiac bypass surgery in CA, USA, but because of being uninsured, such high costs of cardiac surgery in the US, we were really not able to afford it. IndiCure has actually helped in saving my dad's life and we are really grateful for the same.
    I am falling short of words, to express my gratitude to the surgeon who was very helpful and courteous.
    Will recommend IndiCure to everyone!

    John Smith ( California, United States of America )

    Procedure : CABG surgery

  • My son 4 years old was born with a heart defect which the doctors said needed a highly specialized surgery. Our cardiologist highly spoke of Indian surgeons and suggested us to go to India and in hindsight now I realize how right he was!
    My son was successfully operated and I must thank Indicure for the excellent arrangements they made.

    Patricia Munene ( Ethiopia )

    Procedure : ToF surgery

  • I would like to thank IndiCure for all they have done for my mother and me. Without IndiCure our stay would have been very difficult. They made our journey to India very pleasant and were always very attentive to our needs.
    I would recommend IndiCure to anybody wanting to come to India for medical treatment.

    Sarah Jakada ( Zimbabwe )

    Procedure : Mitral Valve Replacement

  • Thank you so much IndiCure for getting my baby free from the hole in her heart. We are looking forward to see her play and grow normally like other children.
    Really appreciate the care and help we received from Dr Ruchika and entire team of IndiCure.
    Highly recommended!!

    Mouna Chizoba ( Ghana )

    Procedure : Heart Transplant Cost (CABG) Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, heart transplant is possible in India. In fact, there are state of the art hospitals in India which have the same success rate for heart transplant as the best in the world. More than 400 heart transplants have been done in India, and many patients from across the world choose heart transplant in India because of the much lesser cost of the surgery as compared to the Western countries.

The cost of heart transplant in India starts from US $45,000 and varies depending on different factors. You will be put on a waiting list for the heart transplant and shall be called for the surgery as soon as a suitable deceased heart becomes available.

There is no fixed waiting time for availability of a heart in India. If you are found to be a suitable candidate for heart transplant, you shall be put on a wait list. You may be lucky to fine a suitable heart in a few weeks or it may take several months before you can find a suitable organ and undergo the surgery.

The global heart transplant survival rate for adults is greater than 85 percent after one year and 70 percent after five years, and it is exactly the same in India.

85-90 out of 100 people survive for at least one years after the heart transplant, while around 70 out of hundred survive for 5 years or more after the heart transplant. With advancements in the technology, both the chances of survival and the quality of life are improving after the heart transplant.

While waiting for a transplant, a device called the Total Artificial Heart lets some of the sickest heart failure patients live outside of the hospital. It works as a lifeline for some of the most severe heart-failure cases.The device, which was first introduced in 1969 and has been improving since the 1980s, isn't for everyone, however.

In roughly 85 to 90 percent of patients with advanced end-stage heart failure, only the left ventricle is damaged, qualifying them for a smaller, less invasive pump known as a left ventricular assist device (LVAD).

According to consulting firm Milliman, the average invoiced cost of a heart transplant is $1,382,400 in the USA. The cost of heart transplant in India with the same success rate and similar quality of care and services is around $45,000, plus the cost of stay till you get a donor heart and travel. Even if you add these costs, it is way cheaper to get a heart transplant in India.

The typical length of stay in the hospital is two to four weeks. The CICU- Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, is where you spend half of your time, and the cardiac floor is where you spend the other half. When patients leave the CICU, they are transferred to a private room on the cardiac floor, where they will continue to recuperate, be monitored for rejection and other issues, and have their medications adjusted.

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I had great experience having rhinoplasty through Indicure. Dr. Ruchika from Indicure has helped me in finding best plastic surgeon, answering all my questions and booking hotel. She has been very responsive throughout my journey. Read Ramandeep Dhaliwal's Review About IndiCure Here

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On the 8th Nove 2021 I had a MICS Mitral Valve Replacement using replacement. Allhandullilah another battle had and I believe it has been successfully managed to this day (8/11/2021), Allhandullilah the process of pre-evaluation, admission, post-admission evaluation, all those tests, appointments and entry to the OR (Operating Room), exit, recovery of senses, first intensive care, medium to reasonable after-care, aerial, technological and or intravenous. Read Evalte Nazario's Review About IndiCure Here

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Indicure Health Tours went above and beyond my expectations. They helped me with every aspect of my journey and were professional, kind and caring. I was a little nervous traveling alone to a foreign country but everyone made me feel safe and welcomed. these pictures are right before surgery and 5 weeks after! Read Jade M's Review About IndiCure Here

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Ruth McHelm
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Dr Ruchika in India delivered efficient and professional service from the outset, matching up my weight and health concerns with the most amazing surgeon at the Apollo Spectra hospital in New Delhi, who made good all the promises that had been made, and MORE.
All arrangements were executed seamlessly. Very glad I found them and will certainly be using them again, should the need arise. Read Ruth McHelm's Review About IndiCure Here

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The IndiCure Team and the service I received was amazing. Their attention to patient care and customer service was impressive and appreciated, highlighting their high standard of service and care. I am especially appreciative of their genuine and sincere warmth, thoughtfulness and engagement whether it was by email, telephone or face-to-face communication - thank you. Read Vivien Moke's Review About IndiCure Here

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From my first contact with Annu to being picked up at the Mumbai Airport Having both knees replaced at Wockhardt Hospital to being dropped off at the Mumbai Airport and everything in between I cannot say enough good things about my Journey. The best part the Price quoted was the Price paid Read Dwayne Winn's Review About IndiCure Here

Hermenegildo Singano

Hermenegildo Singano
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I went to India for a heart treatment at the fortis hospital, they do an excellent job all the medical staff are very professional, I recommend people suffering from this disease to go to the same hospital. Read Hermenegildo Singano's Review About IndiCure Here

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