Cancellation of Services

Before Arrival in India

If for any reason you decide to cancel the trip after having paid the deposit or the total package’s cost, IndiCure offers following alternatives:

  • You may use the amount paid as a credit at no interest payable to you. The credit will expire in six months.
  • You may transfer the payment to another patient. IndiCure will consider it as a new case and establish the new procedure after a consultation with the surgeon. A new quotation shall be applicable for this patient.

After Arrival in India

If, following the Surgeon Consultation, the Surgeon or yourself elects not to proceed with the Surgery Procedure, the amount paid for the Deposit towards surgical procedures will not be refundable to you under any circumstances . The cancellation of hotel/ serviced apartment or any third party goods or services booked by you shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the party providing you the services.

Booking of Tours / Return after the surgery

IndiCure will send you the timelines for recovery as advised by the treating doctor. It is understood that the recovery time is individualistic and varies with every patient. There can be variation in the timelines specified in the itinerary prepared for you. It may happen that you have to change your return dates. If you are booking any expensive tours after your surgical procedure, we recommend that you take travel insurance to cover the tour cost.

Important term : When booking the holiday and procedure, it is important that you understand that dates specified for consultation, procedures and recovery time set out in the itinerary may vary depending upon but not limited to factors such as your recovery after the surgery. You acknowledge and agree that IndiCure cannot be held responsible for any change in travel plans which can include but not limited to changing the dates of your return ticket back home or tour after the surgery or canceling your tour completely.

Variation in Booking

Following the payment of your deposit, you may amend your dates of travel, subject to any surcharge or fee imposed by the hotel/ serviced apartment/ flights/ tours or any third party in respect thereof.

For deposit towards surgical procedures, IndiCure will hold the amount paid by you as credit (with no interest payable to you) in your name which can be used within six months of the amount paid. The credit will expire after six months. IndiCure will give you a new estimate at the time of your coming to India and that would prevail over the previous cost estimates sent to you.