Gastric Sleeve surgery in India

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular procedures to reduce weight and achieve upto 80% weight loss in over 6-8 months of time. It is also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy or laproscipic sleeve gastrectormy and works on two very efficient mechanisms that contribute to reduction in weight.

On one hand, it makes the stomach much smaller, so that there is early satiation and one is not able to eat much, and secondly it removes the fundus of stomach which secretes hormone ghrelin that make a person feel hungry. Non production of this hormone makes a person feel less hungry. Though gastric sleeve surgery is a new technique and not much of data is available for its long term efficacy, it is considered as one of the safest among the bariatric surgeries.

Though the procedure is in great demand among western countries, the price of gastric sleeve surgery in Western countries is prohibitive locally. Hence there is a fast emerging trend to seek bariatric surgery abroad, where it is more affordable and is available with similar medical and healthcare infrastructure and skilled manpower.

India is one such country which has made enviable advancements in western medicine and its private hospitals and clinics have built an infrastructure to perform most advanced and complex surgeries. Indian surgeons and doctors have always been known to have the most skilled hands and have earned respect from world across.

A quick look at the price of gastric sleeve surgery across various countries gives an idea of their affordability -

Price in USD starts at Price in USD up to
India 5,500 7,000
Slovenia 7,100 7,400
Slovakia 7,300 7,500
Estonia 7,360 8,800
Latvia 8,500 9,500
Lithuania 8,700 8,700
Czech 9,300 9,600
Poland 9,500 11,000
Belgium 9,900 11,000
Hungary 10,000 11,000
Romania 10,000 10,500
France 10,800 11,400
Germany 10,800 11,400
Finland 11,700 12,100
Denmark 12,000 12,600
Sweden 12,000 13,000
Ireland 15,000 16,000
Norway 16,000 17,000
UK 16,000 21,500
USA 19,000 21,000

So, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in India is much affordable and can save you upto 70% of the surgery cost and even after adding flight tickets and accommodation expenses, it will save you upto 50% of the total cost incurred. The above costs are approximations and vary depending upon the choice of clinic, surgeon and city that you choose to get the surgery done.

Sleeve gastrectomy cost in India Why is the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in India so less?

Sleeve gastrectomy cost in India and for that matter, medical treatment in India is much less because of the following reasons:

Low cost of endowment in India - Qualified doctors, surgeons, nursing staff, lower investments costs, subsidies by government to private healthcare sector are more as compared to other countries. An exchange rate regime, which is favourable to India (indicative rates only, may not be currently applicable) 1 USD= 60 Indian rupees
1 GBP= 80 Indian rupees
1 Euro= 66 Indian rupees

Who qualifies for a Gastric sleeve surgery?

People aged between 18 and 60, with BMI of more than 40 or more than 35 with any co-exisitng diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases, asthma etc are good candidates for sleeve gastrectomy.

What are the benefits of Gastric sleeve surgery ?

  • It results in massive weight loss
  • Digestive tract is not affected, so digestion happens naturally
  • One can take more variety of foods as compared to gastric bypass
  • No external devises are inserted unlike gastric banding

What are the risks ?

  • Infections though incisions
  • Bleeding or leaking of sleeve
  • Stretching of stomach pouch and breakage of staple line
  • As a relatively new procedure, little data is available for its long term efficacy

Gastric sleeve in India- Time required in India and Diet after surgery

The surgery takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete. For initial days you can only consume liquid diet and later on adhere to a strict diet regimen to avoid any possible complications due to that. A stay of 3-4 days will be required in the hospital before you are discharged. Another week in India is required for you to recuperate and get back to your home.

Whom to entrust for my gastric sleeve surgery in India?

Contacting and established medical tourism company is the easiest way to get best cost of gastric sleeve surgery in India, taking advantage of their research in choosing top surgeons and best clinics.

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