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IndiCure's medical tourism reviews are a testimony of the success rate of surgical procedures and the popularity of medical tourism to India. We have put together some medical tourism examples and dental tourism reviews to give you an understanding of our expert undertaking.

Name and identity of the patients have been intentionally changed for the sake confidentiality.

Female, Age-36, Profession- Banker, Country- UK

Procedures- Tummy tuck, Liposuction thighs & buttocks, Breast Augmentation with lift
I had always been a beautiful girl & was equally admired by people of my own sex & opposite. My face & body were in complete sync & my female friends always envied my superb figure. I had a steady boyfriend who proposed me & we were soon married. All my friends & colleagues thought I was the happiest girl.

My condition before surgery:
Chris & I have had a beautiful relationship & we have two kids. My first delivery was a normal one & second a C-section. I had never thought I would gain so much weight, after Samantha, my second was born. I had become totally frumpy & it was difficult to believe that I was the same girl, who had a figure to die for. My tummy was bulging like anything & my boobs completely sagging. I was so depressed that Chris thought I would need to see a shrink! I didn't feel like going to the office & was not interested in anything.

Seeing all this, my friend Sara told me that gaining weight after pregnancy is very normal & it isn't something that I can't get rid of. I told her that I had tried everything from dieting to gyming, but it didn't help & surgery in London was completely out of question for me- I just couldn't afford the prices. It was Sara who told me about getting surgery done abroad. One of her friends had opted for the same & was extremely pleased with the results and that too at less than half the price as London. She advised me to meet her friend & that was the turning point of my life.

My Introduction to IndiCure:
I met Ruth & she had already been to India twice for her cosmetic surgeries. She recommended me of IndiCure which she felt was an excellent facilitation company. She gave me the complete contact details of the company & also told me of her experience with them. I was really overwhelmed on listening to her. I visited the company's website & it all looked very professional. I contacted the IndiCure people the same day. And indeed they met my expectations. I had my personal case manager Shweta , who was so prompt & comprehensive in her replies, that by the time I was to leave for India, I didn't have any major questions in my mind. I was given a thorough itinerary for my travel & stay, I knew my surgeon's credentials & I was pretty sure that I would be taken care of well, owing to Ruth's experience. I was of course a little nervous about travelling to an alien land but not much.

The best part- My journey to India & my surgery!
And when I reached India, everything pretty much matched my expectations. My flight reached in the evening & there was a driver to pick me up. Since I was short of time, my surgery was planned the next day itself, so that I had maximum time for recuperation. I was taken straight to the hospital, which was spotlessly clean. My room was very nice & had an electronic safe for my valuables. I met my surgeon Dr Wagh & the meeting allayed my fears to a large extent. He was a thorough professional & explained everything to me in great detail. He explained me what I can expect during the preparation for surgery, expected time duration for surgery & how I would feel post surgery. All this really helped me prepare mentally for everything. I was asked about my expectations from the surgery & what outcomes I looked for. I really found the consultation fantastic. My tests were done the same day.

The next morning I had my surgery. I was knocked out for good 12 hours & woke up around 9 at night. As Dr Wagh had prepared me, I had severe pain, & was given strong painkillers. The nursing staff was all very supportive & sensitive to my needs. My surgeon also came to visit me every day at the hospital. I was discharged after 4 days & felt much better at the time of discharge.

I was taken to my hotel after the discharge which was quite nearby the hospital. It was a luxurious 4 star hotel & I just loved the 5 days that I spent there. It was one of the most relaxed phases of my life. The hotel had great facilities & I just loved to relax by the poolside. I went shopping on the 3 rd & 4 th day & just loved Indian markets. The Indian people are also so warm & friendly. I picked up several gifts for my friends & family & especially for Sara & Ruth who had helped me achieve all this.

I had a follow up with Dr Wagh on the 6 th post operative day, the day before I was supposed to leave India. He removed my stitches & explained to me & also gave in writing, the precautions that I needed to take. He was very particular about everything but at the same time friendly.

On my last day, I got a lovely gift from Shweta- a beautiful Taj statue. We had really become friends by then.

Back Home:
I am now in the 5 th month after my surgery & greatly enjoying my changed look. I feel very confident & my husband says I've become as chirpy again, as I was at the time before marriage. The surgeries have really helped me regain my confidence & my real self back. IndiCure people are still in touch with me. I am glad I did this & Thanks a lot to IndiCure! << Before After-Image Gallery >>

Female, Age- 47, Profession- Teacher, Country- New Zealand

Procedures- Complete Makeover- MACS Facelift, Breast lift, Tummy tuck, Liposuction arms, buttocks & thighs
I started to save for my cosmetic surgeries, immediately after my third son's birth. I had heard a lot from friends that it is usually difficult to lose the extra flab that you gain after multiple pregnancies, but my case was worse. My whole body was showing signs of ageing & I could see that in my friends', colleagues & even my husband's attitude. I desperately wanted to change this.

My preparation for my surgeries:
I consulted several surgeons in New Zealand and even after saving for so many years, I didn't have even half the money required for the surgeries, leave aside thinking of a holiday after that for recuperation. I was really shattered. Several people suggested me to travel abroad for the surgeries, but I didn't want to take any risks with my body & especially my face. I wanted a surgeon who I could rely on blindly.

How I found IndiCure:
I am not one of the persons who easily lose hope. I knew my priorities & keeping them in mind, I started researching on internet various destinations that offered cosmetic surgeries. It seemed the whole world was offering them & it was a little difficult to choose from them. I sent my query to several online companies and got numerous responses. I shortlisted a few companies & sent my pictures to them. Out of these I found IndiCure the best. They seemed really professional right from their first mail. I always got very prompt & comprehensive responses from them, which definitely impressed me. They had answers for all my queries. I was finally convinced only when I personally spoke with my surgeon. That really built up my confidence & then I decided I was going with this company. I compared the prices as well, and though they were on a little higher side with them, but my priority more than cost, was to get the BEST!

Once I sent my initial deposit, it seemed my dream surgery was not far away.

Surgery in India:
I reached India at midnight & was received at the airport. I was little sceptical about it since I was travelling alone, but Sonia, my case manager had reassured me about this. I reached the hotel & relaxed there. The hotel & my room were lovely. I really liked it there. My case manager came to meet me in the morning & gave me a local sim card, besides the other stuff, which I later realized was very helpful for me to connect with my family.

I met Dr Wagh, my surgeon the next day. He was quite warm & friendly. The initial consultation instantly put me at ease. His thorough professionalism really impressed me. He definitely had an eye for detail & asked for what I wanted from the surgery, which he said, is a major part about the cosmetic surgeries. I really appreciate his attitude & I suppose that is what stands him apart from other surgeons.

My surgery went off well. I was in the hospital for 5 days. Though I was in a lot of pain for the first two days but the nurses took really good care of me. Dr Wagh would also visit me every day. It was only on the 3 rd night that I got to taste the hospital food & surprisingly I found it delicious! The only problem that I faced was regarding my phone that had to be kept in the hospital safe on the day of my surgery & I wanted it back on the same day, but somehow the concerned person was not available. I was really agitated because of this but then Sonia intervened &helped me with this as well & somehow arranged for my phone the same day. She was actually nice & very good at her work.

Shopping Spree in India & my 5 day tour to Kerala
It was the best part of my whole trip, of course next to my surgeries! I just loved Kerala! The backwaters were so serene & soothing that I completely forgot any traces of pain that I had. The most enjoyable part was the stay in the houseboat. It was actually heavenly. I also wanted to get the famous Kerala massage done but avoided it owing to my surgeries. I felt very sad when I had to come back to Mumbai, which is stark contrast to Kerala.

Farewell to India & Back to home:
I had a follow up meeting with Dr Wagh before leaving the country, which I suppose was very helpful. He gave me several instructions to follow, which I followed religiously. Dr Wagh clearly told me that it was mandatory to follow the instructions properly for the best outcome.

The whole trip was really very well arranged & other than a few trivial things, I was very satisfied.

My advice to everybody looking for surgery in India is to go with an open mind, accept the cultural difference & look for the best surgeon & best company, which I both got with IndiCure.

I have referred IndiCure to several of my friends & they also plan to go to India for their surgery. << Before After-Image Gallery >>

Male, Age- 38, Profession- Media professional, Country- Florida, USA - weight loss surgery success stories

Treatment- Lap Band Weight loss surgery
Life was really not easy for me. Not that I blame anybody else for the same, but it was partly my genes, and partly my eating habits. My biggest problem was my severe Obesity. I weighed 326 pounds on a frame of 5 feet 9 inches. It wasn't until I started finding it difficult to move even, that I gave a serious thought to it.

My Obesity & associated problems:
As far as I can remember I was always bulky. My friends used to tease me, but it never really bothered me much. I pretty much continued with my life as it is. This callous attitude towards my health showed its effect & I gained weight like anything and it started affecting even my day to day life. The daily chores became an ordeal. It was difficult for me to bend & tie my laces, difficult to find clothes that fitted me & above all really difficult for me to even sleep at night. I had severe back ache & knee pain which just would not go away; no matter how many physiotherapy sessions I took. I became diabetic & had hypertension. It was only on the day I had angina pain that I decided that things had to change & I would have to look for a solution to my obesity.

IndiCure & my surgery:
I consulted my doctor & he straight away told me that the only solution for my morbid obesity was weight loss surgery. He suggested me a few doctors who told me that I was an ideal candidate for the procedure. There was no doubt that I had to undergo the surgery but then the charges for medical procedures in US are all above the sky. Since I was sure that I had to get it done, I looked for all the options available. I wasted no time & sent my details to various companies abroad. I had my own criteria for choosing the company & the topmost was to get the surgery done with the best doctor and at the best hospital. I was especially impressed with the details that Shweta sent me since they were detailed, clear & had all the relevant information. I wanted to be double sure about the surgeon's credentials so they sent me the surgeon's profile & also gave me the email Id's of the patients previously operated by him. IndiCure also arranged for me to speak with the doctor. All this personal attention really strengthened my faith in the surgeon & I decided that I was going ahead with the surgery with IndiCure only.

My surgery in India:
I was given a detailed itinerary for my travel & stay & everything pretty matched the way I had thought. I was picked up at the airport, met Dr Goel who was very nice & understanding. He explained everything to me. The nursing staff & other staff were really nice & supportive. My surgery went very well. Of course, I had a little discomfort post surgically but again got full support from the doc & nurses. Basically I found Indians quite warm & helpful.

I was given all my investigation reports, the complete diet chart & the precautions that I was supposed to follow at the time of discharge. I was arranged to be dropped at the hotel. I spent almost a week at the hotel which was quite comfortable. I did visit a few places in Mumbai during my stay. It was a nice experience.

3 months after the surgery:
It has almost been 4 months after my surgery & I have lost 80lbs & I am loosing every day. My diabetes is gone, I can sleep well & my knee & back pain are completely relieved. I am regularly in touch with Shweta & Dr Goel. The surgery has really changed my life. Thanks to IndiCure. <<See VIDEO Gallery Here >>

Female, Age-55, Profession - Homemaker, Country- Zimbabwe

Procedure- Heart Valve Replacement Cardiac surgery

My Mum's health:
My mum was quite a healthy individual but for the last few weeks was complaining of fatigue & exhaustion. She used to feel shortness of breath on exerting even a little. Initially we thought, it was just age that was showing its signs, but then when she frequently complained of these problems, we got really worried.

Doc's advise in Zimbabwe:
We contacted our family doctor & he advised us to see a cardiologist, though he told us not to get panicky. We got in touch with one of the best cardiologist and he advised a few tests. Though he also told us that there is nothing to be panicky, the tests showed some major abnormality with her heart valve. The doctor explained to us that one of her valves was not functioning properly & though not required immediately, but surgery was the only treatment for her.

The situation was actually very difficult for us. Even the thought of something adverse frightened us. We decided that we are not going to delay mother's surgery anymore & started looking for options. I was well aware that Indian doctors are considered one of the most competent doctors in the world & the prices also are quite affordable here. I immediately contacted some companies in India & IndiCure was the first to send a reply. I believe first impression is always the last impression. Their reply was very detailed & had all the relevant information. They had asked for the medical reports which we sent immediately.

Decision time:
The IndiCure people consulted their doctor and sent us a very comprehensive reply, including the surgeon's opinion, the expected outcome of the surgery, the hospital details, surgeon's details, the charges, stay required and everything else. We were especially impressed by the doctor's profile & his vast experience. All this really assured us & we decided we would go to India with IndiCure as our facilitator. My brother who stays in Australia also spoke to Shweta, who arranged everything for us & she was very reassuring. She told us that everything would be taken care of. She explained us the whole procedure so that we knew how things would progress.

Surgery in India:
Finally we reached India. The hospital was really nice & so were the doctor & nurses. Though we faced a little problem because we were sharing the room with another patient (minor problems like noises in the room), the medical part was exceptionally good. The doctor explained to us the whole process & reassured us. The best part was that there was a dedicated cell in the hospital for International patients, the staff of which was extremely supportive. During my mum's stay in ICU, I wanted to stay in a guest house & they immediately arranged the same for me. Though these were small things, but really made a lot of difference to my stay in an alien land.

We stayed for almost 9 days in the hospital & my mum recovered well, though she was still quite weak. Shweta had already arranged hotel for us which was quite comfortable. We stayed for another 5 days in the hotel for my mum's best recovery. By the time we were to take our flight, she felt much better.

Except for a few minor things, everything was very well arranged for. We are really grateful to IndiCure for the timely intervention that we got from them. Thanks a lot. <<See VIDEO Gallery Here >>

Male, Age-29, Profession - Businessman, Country- Sudan

Treatment- Minimally Invasive Spinal Tumour surgery
It was a big shock for me when I discovered that my back pain & difficulty in walking was due to a tumour in my spine. I & my whole family were completely devastated. It felt as if the whole world was coming to end. I was so depressed that I had stopped talking to people around & my family members thought that I would have a nervous breakdown.

We met several doctors in Khartoum, but all of them advised it is best that I get operated at the earliest possible in some other country with better developed medical services. My cousin brother who is my age & is very close to me was away for some work. On his return back, he was also shaken up but frantically started searching options for me. Since he has very active social circle, some friend of his told that India is the best option for medical treatment where we would get good services at prices within our reach. He also told us about a doctor who knows of the best places in India. We met the doctor at the earliest & he suggested us to contact IndiCure. He had sent several of his patients to India earlier through this company who had got excellent treatment & were completely cured. That was the first ray of hope to us.

IndiCure & coming to India:
The first thing that we liked about this company was that they understood the seriousness of situation very well, sounded empathetic & responded very promptly. This really helped boost our confidence. Their doctors studied my reports & within a day, we were informed that I can be treated at one of the best centres in India. The other major concern was cost, since we were not prepared for such huge expenditure but we were given a very competitive price & thus everything seemed quite satisfactory. We were sent a detailed schedule which really helped us understand how things would progress. We didn't have much doubt left & prayed to god for the best.

Treatment in India:
Everything was as per the schedule. We were picked at the airport, all my investigations were done, everything pretty much the way we had expected. The pleasant surprise was that these people had a translator who understood our language very well; this made the communication & our stay very easy. My cousin was with me all the time, which was also a big support for me. The surgeon was very nice; he explained to me the kind of surgery that I was undergoing, the immediate recovery phase & the follow up thing.

My surgery went off smoothly. I definitely had pain post surgically, but the nurses were very supportive & took good care of me. I was discharged 5 days after the surgery & was in a guest house for another 10 days where a therapist came everyday to give me therapy. I really think the arrangements made were good. We faced a little problem at the time of currency conversion, but my case manager intervened in & the issue was resolved. I felt much better when I was supposed to fly 2 and a half weeks after landing in India & the surgeon assured me that the weakness that I felt would also gradually improve.

Today 8 months after the surgery:
It has been 8 months since I had my surgery & I am completely fit now & it seems as if nothing had happened to me. Sometimes it is hard to believe that it all happened, but it is like a nightmare which by god's grace just passed away without harming me, thanks to IndiCure & my surgeon. I would always be indebted!

(As told to our Sudanese Arabic translator) <<See VIDEO Gallery Here >>

Female, Age- 41, Profession- CEO, Public Bank, Country- Kenya

Procedures- Uterine artery embolization for Fibroids treatment, Tummy tuck & Breast lift
I started to think about having a Tummy tuck done when my stomach was distended after having three children. I started to look around on the internet looking for a reputable service provider who ensures that I get proper service, that I get a doctor who is credible & who could reassure me of good care. When I found IndiCure, I wrote to them & I found the response very encouraging. All my queries were answered very comprehensively. I had so many questions, because of course there is the worry of coming in from abroad & do not know what to expect at the other end, but IndiCure answered all my questions, even the smallest ones, the most sniggering doubts were explained to me very thoroughly & by the time I was coming for the surgery, I was very confident. And of course, my confidence went up when I finally got here. I met the IndiCure staff. Also, I met the surgeon as well, who took really great care of me. He explained to me exactly what was going to happen during the surgery; he also explained to me what would happen afterwards & what I would need to do, to prepare myself both for the surgery & also to assist in the healing process.

So it's been a great experience. Today it's been five days since cosmetic surgery & about 3-4 days after the embolization surgery for fibroids. I'm feeling very well. I will be discharged from the hospital today. I am feeling well & am very confident that the surgeries went well.

The hospital care was excellent.
I'm very happy that I did eventually choose IndiCure to do this for me.

<<See VIDEO Gallery Here >>

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