Breast Reduction in India

Medical tourism in India has been a boon for people around the world to have their desired plastic surgery at a cost they can afford. It is a great value proposition, since you get best quality plastic surgery in India and the cost is much lesser than western countries.

Breast reduction surgery cost in India is a fraction of what it costs to get the same surgery in the western countries. Many women who have been waiting to undergo this plastic surgery can now avail breast reduction in India. Top cosmetic surgeons, state of the art facilities and end to end services, hassle free arrangements, complete handholding is what IndiCure offers to women who seek breast reduction in India.


The plastic surgery procedure for reducing the size of large breasts and bring them in proportion to the body while retaining the functional abilities of natural breasts is called breast reduction surgery. Scientifically known as Reduction Mammoplasty, the procedure helps in making the breasts lighter and firmer.


The surgery actually works on three levels for the patient – physical, psychological and aesthetic.

Reasons for undergoing Breast reduction

Breast hypertrophy or macro-mastia is the leading cause for breast reduction. Some other reasons for women to undergo breast reduction surgery are:

  • Breasts that are too large for the body frame leading to poor posture
  • Heavy breasts causing back neck and shoulder pain
  • Skin infections and irritation under the breast fold
  • Heavy breasts makes the nipples and areolas point downwards
  • Sometimes one breast is larger than the other
  • Overtly heavy disproportionate breasts can make a woman conscious and unhappy with her self-image.

Candidates for Breast Reduction

If you're physically and mentally healthy, 18 years of age or older, not currently pregnant or nursing, have realistic expectations and are having any of the following concerns about your breasts- too large in proportion to your body frame, heavy pendulous breast with nipples that point downwards, one breast that is much larger than the other, back, neck or shoulder pain caused by the weight of your breasts, you are a good candidate for the breast reduction surgery. However, if your problem is only saggy breasts, and you wish to uplift the breast without any reduction in size, Breast liftsis the right surgery for you.


The first step is general anaesthesia for a comfortable and painless surgery. The breast reduction surgery is then undertaken for reducing the size by removing excess glandular tissue, fat and skin and repositioning the nipple, which gives the breast a youthful perky look. The excess tissue of breast is removed and reshaped. The areola is repositioned or even reduced if necessary retaining the blood and nerve supply usually. This gives the breast an uplifted appearance. The incisions are then closed with suitable sutures.

The nipple areola complex usually remains attached to the nerves and blood vessels. However, in case of very large and heavy breasts, the nipple areola complex is completely removed and grafted to a new higher position.

Surgical Techniques
  1. Anchor Pattern incision
    It is the standard technique for breast reduction since maximum reduction is possible with this technique. The disadvantage however is that it is a very invasive method.

    The incisions run horizontally under the breast crease, then continuing vertically to the nipple and runs around the nipple giving the incision an anchor pattern.

  2. Vertical Incision
    This kind of incision results in less scarring and more curvaceous breasts. But it can only be used for moderate breast reductions. It is also called the LeJour breast reduction or short scar reduction. The incision runs around the areola and then continues down vertically to the breast crease.

  3. Liposuction breast reduction
    Excess fat is removed from the breasts since fat tissue content is more in breast than glandular tissue. The skin recovers over time giving a natural look and the sensation of nipple or breast feeding ability is not compromised.

It is normal to feel moderate to severe pain for one or two days after the procedure, which shall be controlled with pain medications. Your dressing will be removed in about two- four days and stitches after a week. You can resume non-strenuous daily activities with caution within a week and strenuous activities after 6 weeks.

Expected Results

Most women are quite pleased after undergoing breast reduction. Many women find that this surgery relieves chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. The primary benefit of the operation is functional, but you also get a breast lift, which enhances your appearance and improves your body image and boosts self esteem.

Time & Cost

You would need to stay at the hospital for one- two nights following breast reduction in India. The stitches would be removed after a week of the procedure. You would need to be in town for about a week to ten days for Breast reduction in India.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in India

At IndiCure we recognize the significance of excellent health and well-being of our guests and hence our objective is to provide best breast reduction in India at affordable prices. A preferred association with top hospitals in India and best cosmetic surgeons in India helps us to advise you about

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Breast reduction surgery cost in India varies with the type of breast reduction procedure chosen, surgeon, facility and the city where you choose to get the surgery done. Breast reduction surgery cost in India starts from USD 2,700 and varies depending on other factors.

An individually allocated case manager takes personalized interest to design a tailor-made treatment plan for every guest and will tell you about the duration and breast reduction surgery cost in India.

Kindly send the pictures of the target area to for a quick response from the case managers.

IndiCure Cares

We encourage you to educate yourself about breast reduction in India, and also the benefits from the right kind of breast reduction surgery before making a choice.

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