Labia reduction plastic surgery in India.


Labia reduction or Labioplasty is the surgical procedure to reduce the size or re-shape the labia majora/ minora to make the area look more attractive and proportionate.

Many women suffer from enlarged, lopsided or uneven labia minora (inner lips) where one labia is bigger than the other. Many women have labia minora so enlarged that it even comes out of the labia majora and affects its appearance also. It sometimes even shows up in tight fitting clothes such as swim wear and cause embarrassment or results in an unusual, distracting or unappealing appearance of the area. Some men and women feel that enlarged labia minora even interferes in love making. It more often results in severely affecting the confidence of the women and their sex drive.

The reasons for enlarged labia minora can be either stretching during childbirth, ageing or even chronic irritation of the area. The surgery is the best and permanent solution.


Excess growth of labia minora, also called as Labial hypertrophy is the root cause of problems. It can be congenital, age related, due to child birth or weight issues. Hypertrophy can be present in labia majora as well and be present bilaterally or unilaterally. This in turn can cause uncomfortable sensations with tight fitting clothes and during intercourse. It can cause difficulty in maintaining hygiene or cause incontinence after child birth.

Cosmetic causes for labiaplasty:

Increased consciousness for aesthetic appearance of the female genitals has become a trend and women often complain of labia that is big and/or asymmetrical. Women are self-conscious in swim suits, tight clothes and in the nude.

Treatment options:

Labiaplasty which alters the labia minora and majora has to work in 2 levels:

Firstly to rectify the deformity or defect

Secondly increase the aesthetic appearance of the region



If you are concerned about the size and shape of your labia majora or minora you may be born with it, or they have grown that way after child birth, you are a candidate for the procedure. Age is not a bar, if the area is a hindrance to wearing swimming costume or tight clothes. It is also safe for children to undergo the procedure.


The surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia. The labioplasty surgery takes between 1 to 2 hours and an overnight stay in the hospital is required. The protruding labia are cut down to normal size, following their natural line and all extra fat is taken out.

  • Trim labiaplasty: It is the simplest quick and common type of labiaplasty performed where a strip of the excess labia tissue is clamped and removed. The 2 sides are then sutured. It has lower complication rates and recovery time is less. Disadvantage is the scarring.
  • Wedge labiaplasty: The wedge method maintains the shape of the labia by making a v shaped or wedge shaped resection in the center of the labia. A small amount of excess tissue is removed. Advantage with this procedure is it maintains the natural labia borders and the scarring is less.

There are other methods that are used are:

Z-plasty: This method is a modification of the wedge method and has similar indications.

De-epithelisation labiaplasty: This rarely used method reduces the depth of the incisions and helps maintain natural labia edges.

Expected Results

Labioplasty will give you a pair of labia minora that are normal in size and appearance.


You should be fully recovered in a week after your operation and can return to work. The incision made normally heals in two weeks. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for a month or so and no energetic activities undertaken for about a fortnight.

Time & Cost

You would need to stay at the hospital in India overnight following Labioplasty. You would need to stay for another 4-5 days in India before you go back.

Cost of labia reduction surgery in India

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