Low cost heart valve replacement abroad


Heart valve replacement surgery in India is a procedure by which surgeons remove a damaged heart valve and substitute it with grafts or parts from body tissues or with synthetic heart valves to restore the normal functioning of the heart.

Valve replacement surgery is done under general anaesthesia and takes about four to five hours. The surgery is done either as an open-heart surgery where in the patient is put on a heart lung machine or rarely as beating heart surgery without the use of heart lung machine, while the patient's heart is normally beating.

Time for valve replacement surgery Affordable

After the incision and separation of the breastbone and ribs, the surgeon opens the heart and traces the faulty valve. The edges around the valve are slightly sliced to help loosen it from the tendons that connect it to the rest of the heart and then the valve can be removed.

The new valve is then inserted and attached into place. After the surgery is done, the patient is taken off the bypass machine and the chest is closed.


The Valve Replacement surgery is indicated in following conditions:
Congenital Heart Valve Diseases such as narrow or leaking valves, bicuspid aortic valves.

Acquired Heart Valve Diseases such as Calcification of the valves, Infection such as Infective endocarditis or Syphilis, Rheumatic valve disease, Angina, Tumors of the valve, Hypertension, enlarged heart muscles known as Cardiomyopathy, increased opening of annulus of the valve and Aortic aneurysm to name a few.

Expected Results

Valve replacement surgery has an exceptional outcome and gives extremely satisfying results. The vast majority of patients who undergo the procedure return to normal activity after the surgery. Also, their quality of life improves because they no longer have difficulty breathing, fainting spells, or palpitations.


Once stabilized, the patient is transferred to a standard medical/surgical unit. The patient is administered drugs that prevent excess fluid from building up around the heart. As soon as possible, the patient begins walking and exercising to regain strength. After being released from the hospital, the patient continues a daily exercise program that includes walking, and he or she may also join a recommended cardiac rehabilitation program.

Time & Cost

A stay of 1-3 days in the intensive care unit (ICU) for close monitoring after the surgery and another 5-6 days in the hospital. A total stay of two weeks in India is required for valve replacement. One can generally return to work or other normal activities within two months of the surgery.

Approximate, all inclusive cost of heart valve replacement surgery in India starts from around INR 360,000 (approx. USD 6,000) and varies depending on the valve chosen, facility & city you choose to get the procedure done. Your case manger shall help you with case specific cost after you provide with the medical reports.

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