Minimally invasive heart surgery in India


Minimally invasive heart bypass surgery in India or the MIDCAB is a minimally invasive approach to conventional Bypass Surgery , used for the correction of coronary heart disease. It is also referred to as "keyhole" heart surgery . The procedure is done on the beating heart, and thus a heart-lung machine is not required, as the heart is not made to stop pumping.

The surgery is performed by making a small, two to three inch incision on the left side of the chest. The surgeon then removes the internal mammary artery from the chest, either directly or using da Vinci robotic system.

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This harvested internal mammary artery is then stitched to the coronary arteries. Nowadays, most heart surgeons are preferring this option, as this is a much safer and a more advanced procedure. During the procedure, lesser chances of complications arise, as the heart is not stopped. The incisions made are much smaller in length and therefore the surgery is less elaborate, recovery time is lesser and that the patient can be back to normal activities much faster than a traditional open heart surgery.


The Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery in India can be done on the patients whose blockages can be bypassed through the small opening on the left side of the chest. It is also recommended for patients where the use of bypass machine is risky, such as patients with disorders like lung diseases, kidney disorders or failure or peripheral vascular diseases.

Expected Results

Minimally invasive heart bypass surgery or key hole cardiac bypass surgery has positive results similar to those of a conventional bypass surgery - restoration of sufficient blood flow and normal delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the heart. The procedure, though, has added advantages of a beating heart and smaller incisions. These advantages are much faster recovery and shorter hospitalization, less blood loss and psychological imbalances.


Recovery after a MIDCAB surgery is quite fast. There is less of pain. One generally needs to spend around 12-24 hours in the recovery area, where the vitals are regularly monitored. One can generally return to work, if it is non strenuous, resume driving and participate in most light activities within 1 to 4 weeks after discharge from hospital.

Time and Cost

You would stay at the hospital for 3-4 days after Minimally invasive heart surgery in India and another week to ten days in town before you can go back. A total stay of about two weeks are required for minimally heart surgery in India

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