treatment of Hepatitis c in India

Hepatitis C Treatment in India

Hepatitis C is the silent disease caused due to infection by Hepatitis C virus resulting in both acute and chronic Hepatitis infection affecting the liver. Though there is no vaccine to prevent Hepatitis C infection, treatments available till now centered on therapy with Ribavirin and Interferons, which are often associated with frequent and occasionally life threatening adverse effects.

With recent medical research and developments, a new effective treatment to clear the virus causing HCV has been discovered that promises to increase the treatment success rates dramatically.

This new treatment for Hepatitis C infection is extremely costly in developed countries, while the same is available in India at about one fourth the cost. This has given new hopes to international patients seeking high quality and cost efficient treatment for HCV abroad. India is thus seeing huge surge in medical tourists coming for hepatitis C treatment in India.

hcv treatment cost in India

A large number of population across the globe are infected with chronic Hepatitis C infection. Several people may live with Hepatitis C for years without any symptoms and may likely be unaware of the fact that they are infected with Hepatitis C.

Analysis done by World Health Organisation estimates that there are about 2-4 million newly diagnosed cases of Hepatitis C infection every year and around 150 million people are infected with chronic hepatitis C worldwide.

Hepatitis C infection often goes unnoticed until it develops severe liver damage, as it does not cause any symptoms for decades. This nature of disease accounts for death of every 1 in 5 HCV infected person due to liver failure.


A representative progression of this disease may be understood as below -

Chronic Infection
liver scarring and cirrhosis
liver cancer
acute hcv infection

Hepatitis c treatment cost in India

You are HIV infected

You had tattoos or piercings

You had used intranasal drugs

You received blood transfusion or infected blood products

You shared needles or straws while injecting or consuming drugs.

You had invasive medical procedures in a health care facility with poor practices for infection control

hcv treatment cost in India

Hepatitis C cure in India is now available with Sovaldi as a part of combination therapy which poses better cure rates, reduced treatment duration and fewer side effects.

Sovaldi (sofasbuvir) is the revolutionary drug that inhibits the multiplication of the Hepatitis C virus by directly targeting the virus. It offers new hope to the patients as it has shown to treat chronic HCV infection of genotypes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Hepatitis c treatment cost in India is the major advantage for the patients seeking for affordable Hepatitis treatment abroad , as the hcv treatment cost in India is less than one-fourth of what you can expect to pay in US, UK or any other Western country.

hepatitis c cure in India

The biggest risk with Hepatitis C infection is being left unaware. Early diagnosis and screening is extremely critical to prevent the high risk of developing Hepatitis C infection – so GETTING SCREENED at the earliest is recommended if you are at higher risk of Hepatitis C infection.

We at IndiCure offer you end to end support to lead you through your Medical Sojourn for treatment of Hepatitis C in India. Here are the easy steps that will guide and keep you organized once you start with HCV treatment in India.

hcv treatment cost in India
Hepatitis c treatment cost in India
treatment of Hepatitis c in India
Hepatitis c cure in India
IndiCure offers the following most affordable packages for the Hepatitis C treatment in India:

Hepatitis c treatment India
treatment of Hepatitis c in India
hcv treatment cost in India
Hepatitis c cure in India

We encourage you to educate yourself about Hepatitis C treatment in India to make an informed decision.

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