ACL reconstruction in India

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ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is the strong band of tissue connecting the femur (thigh bone) to the tibia (lower leg bone) passing diagonally through deep inside the knee joint. It is meant to bring stability at the knee that helps to control the to and fro and side to side motion at the knee joint.

cost of acl reconstruction surgery in india

ACL reconstruction is an arthroscopic surgery to rebuild the torn ACL ligament using the grafts that are harvested from the tendon stationed at some other part of the knee.

ACL surgery is indicated in ligament injury that occurs most frequently with the sudden over extension or twisting movement at the knee joint as a result of mostly the combative sports like soccer, basketball, football etc.

The main purpose of ACL reconstruction surgery is to restore the knee stability and function of the injured ligament.


The ACL tear, being the indication for the ACL reconstruction, occurs due to both contact and non contact mechanism.

Contact Mechanism
  • Falling down on an extended knee.
  • Playing with foot planted on the ground and getting hit/blow on the lateral side of the knee.
Noncontact Mechanism
  • Twisting suddenly or changing directions quickly with foot planted on ground.
  • Stopping suddenly with legs overextended or slightly bent.
  • Improper landing after jumping from extreme height.
  • Missing a step while climbing or descending staircase.
Treatment options

ACL injury/tear can be managed by either of the following options;

  • Conservative Management: Acute sprains or partial ligament tears can be managed conservatively with the appropriate rest and protection to the joint with limited mobility.
  • Rehabilitation Program: This is to regain normal range of motion, strengthening your muscles to support and stabilize the joint during your daily living activities.
  • Protective Bracing: Use of custom fitted knee braces to decrease the stress on healing ligaments.
Surgical options.

ACL tear can be treated surgically with two different techniques that includes;

  • Surgical Repair of ACL : It is a rare choice of surgery which is accomplished by reposing and suturing the torn ligament. This technique is indicated only when the ligament is torn off from its attachment but still intact and is not stretched out or when there is an avulsion. The repair of ACL is less recommended due to less desirable outcomes and possibility of recurrent ligament injury.
  • Reconstruction Surgery : ACL reconstruction is the primary choice and the leading aid of surgically managed ACL injuries. It is performed arthroscopically or endoscopically causing less tissue destruction and faster recovery. During ACL reconstruction, a tissue graft is used to replicate the function of injured ligament thereby stabilizing the knee.

    The tendon graft can be harvested from two different tissue that includes;
    • Patella tendon graft :If patella tendon graft is selected, the small graft is taken along with the small bone plugs attached at each end from front of the patient's knee, allowing the graft to fix very rapidly with bone.
    • Hamstring tendon graft : It is the most popular and highly successful method. The semitendinosus-gracilis tendon graft is harvested from the insertion of the muscle. It has an advantage of less donor site discomfort than patellar tendon graft.

If your knee has got injured due to participation in high impact activities or if there is a disabling knee instability with the frequent episodes of knee giving away or buckling while walking, and if there is no relief in symptoms despite a course of conservative management, you can be considered as a good candidate for ACL reconstruction surgery.


The procedure is done under general anaesthesia. The graft is selected and harvested from either patella or hamstrings tendon through a small 4 cm incision over the top of the shin bone or at the back of the knee. This is followed by the preparation of the graft and resizing it appropriately for implantation.

Arthroscopic evaluation is then performed by the surgeon by making 2-3 small incisions around the knee. After the full evaluation, the arthroscope is re inserted and the damaged ACL is removed to implicate new graft. Using the special instruments, two bone tunnels are drilled, one in femur and other in tibia and then the graft is introduced into the knee through those tunnels and secured at both ends by the means of bio-absorbable screws.

After the fixation, the knee is moved through the range of motion to check for the integrity and appropriate tension on the graft. After confirming, the incisions are closed and compression dressing is placed on the knee and the leg is then placed in knee immobilizer for protection.

Expected Results

Since ACL repair is a minimally invasive surgery, it results in quick recovery and faster return to functional activities. One can expect to return to the functional level within 3 months with aggressive rehabilitation. However return to sports activities might take 6 months.


The recovery after the ACL tear surgery is faster. The patient is discharged the next day after the procedure. Patient can move around with partial weight bearing using crutches which are discontinued after 2 weeks until the knee muscles are strengthen enough to support the limb. Outdoor activities are allowed after 3 months and one can expect return to more rigorous activities like sports only after 6 months of the aggressive rehabilitation program following the surgery.

Time and Cost

A stay of 1-2 days at the hospital followed by 1-2 weeks stay in India is enough to recuperate well and fly back after the arthroscopic ACL reconstruction surgery in India.

Cost of ACL reconstruction surgery in India

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